Picking and eating raspberry easier with a bowl

I love the update that we can pick gooseberries so much.
This let our gaming experience have gone as smooth as it has.
and i think we can do more on gooseberry.
When domestic gooseberry bush with 6 or less berries, we can’t pick them by a bowl. However, we can use bowl on wild bush no matter how many berries are left.
I hope we can use bowl to collect domestic gooseberry whatever how many berries remain on a domestic bush.
Plus, I hope this mechanism can work on raspberry as well.
We can use a bowl to pick raspberry.
Last, I REALLY REALLY WANT- I can eat a bowl of raspberries directly, rather than put the bowl down and pick up berry to eat ONE BY ONE.
I hope we can use the same way to eat a bowl of raspberries like a bowl of gooseberries!