Picking Food from baskets before objects

I noticed when I have a stone and a berry in my basket I always pick the stone first and the berry second. This could be the difference between life and death. If I have food and multiple objects in a basket or backpack I would want to always pick the food first so I can eat it as quick as possible.

You always will pick up your last object. If you put the charp stone last, you will pull it out first. Just click again in the basket and you will swap your item for the next one in order.

It will be very annoying in later game level if you have to swap a cuple times, every time, that you want to bring a tool out.

Note: Before you couldn’t swap item in your backpack. If you wanted your food to come out first, you had to put it last. If you wanted the next item instead, you had to put everything in the floor and pick it up after.

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