Pitheeism/ My religion for fun ^-^

Pirheeism is ruled by the genderless god Pithee, whome is a god of blessings, formality,and creation.

Pithee created the four angels for each corner of the earth.
Pin, Zen, Lux, and Rox
Pin is the angel of death, he is to be given a sacrifice of male infant blood, and if he is given this he will grant you and those who follow Pithee the gift of life and bloodline.

Zen is the angel of forgiveness, to get his forgiveness so that you may enter Pitheeism (if you were not born into it) you must create 4 fires surrounding one another with a place in the middle, then once you have chosen , say his name and beg is forgiveness. If the flames dont die for the rest of the night. He has forgiven you.

But if even one flame goes out,you are sentenced to death at Pins hand.

Lux is the angel of luck, to get luck for whatever you wish you must get yellow fever, and then wait . If you survive then you have been granted luck, if not …then you will be reborn and must begin again. This trial must be done before you turn 20.

Rox is the angel of vengeance, if you wish to curse someone or have someone have misfortune, you must make a knife and sacrifice a creature. Then cook its meat and eat it.

Then you will receive her blessing, but only if you have gone through the trial of luck, and been forgiven.

Pithee is the ultimate giver.

It created the santas who are phantom Angel’s who give to society.
It has the power of every angel as well as life, creating, fortune, and fate.

If you wish to speak to the god itself you must go through the trial of life and get bitten by a snake. Then cured.
You must then wait for her signs.

《All of these characters are genderless the teen she or he was out of habit》

For those who join Pitheeism, only fortune and good fate awaits.

Death to the other religions!BRING FORTH YOUR SWORDS!



Like a snake. ^-^


All hail Pithee! For shall give us luck.