Wouldn’t it be cool to add pizza to the game because it is good for the yum bonus. Here’s is my thoughts on the recipe 1. Plate with dough then 2. Gooseberry sauce so use sharpstone on gooseberry bowl 2x and put on dough on plate. 3. Holding a bucket use it on a domestic sheep and get milk. 4. Let milk set for a while and have cheese. 5. Use a kife cut up on plate then put cut cheese on on gooseberry sauce then get a domestic pigs meat cut it on plate put on cheese grab and put in oven 6. It would have like 12 slices because of all of the steps if you add tomatos in the game that would be cool for the sauce too but goose berries just seem good to have. It would be very good and fill you up. You cannot take it with you not in basket cart or Backpack it is for evryone to share. MOST LIKELY FOR LATE GAME VILLAGES BECAUSE THEY HAVE LOTS PEOPLE AND STUFF TO USE.

I’m actually wondering about the direction the mobile game is going to take: is it going to follow the desktop version or branch out like the mod? The weekend apocalypse game is definitely going a different direction, and seeing the success of it, I don’t think it matters too much if the mobile version diverges more from now on.

As for milk, there’s going to be cows eventually if the game follows its predecessor.

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First of all, not a bad idea, but there would be a few small flaws in this. You can already milk cows in the game, also the milk already sets into cream and skim milk. I assume maybe the cheese would have steps to be made from whole milk. Also, it would be overpowered with lots of slices and easy to make if you have the ingredients. Maybe it would have less slices, (8) and a little less fill (Maybe 10 Pips). Lastly, for all this to be added to the game, Jason himself would want to add it unless the mobile version spirals into a mod, which is unlikely in my eyes.


It would not be able to be moved when made that is why lot slices

There is cows i didnt know that how do you get them?

We will always provide a mode where you can play the same game as on PC. The weekend event is an Add-on, add on top of Jason’s original OHOL game. In the future there will be more such add-ons, in form of events or others.

Regarding new objects, we currently have no plan to add any customized object in the game. But I think your pizza idea is a nice one. Jason may consider to add it into the original game himself.