Plantable Bananas?

I don’t know if anyone has suggested this before but i thinking planting bananas would be a good food resource and also by making onigiri because rarely everyone is too lazy to make food and just go and find any wild berries while onigiri is easier to create just hope this will be an update in the future :heart:


you can refill the onigiri before it finish, then you don’t need another new banana leaf :wink:

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You can just put a new rice bowel on the leaf before you take all of the onigiri off of it.
Each bowel adds two onigiri to it so just add a bowel when theres two left and dont let it become all the way empty or the leaf will become unusable for some reason.

But yah its a pain when your in big towns and noobs dirty all the leafs and you have to travel 20 minutes just to find banana trees again

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Maybe the domesticated banana trees have like 3 bananas and a ton of leaves? Bc people mainly use banana trees for oni anyway


I wish all trees became the rubber trees, banana trees and the junipers that are all so usefull, but so easy for greifers to just cut down.
I think its a good idea to make the planted trees maybe less yielding than the wild, like less bananas or like it is with the mango tree now that it needs more resources to give fruit.
I also think that making it a more complex procedure to plant these desirable trees (like how it is to grow the bonzai or rose bushes) could be a way of keeping people from overproducing them.