Plantable Reeds

Hi i have a question why can’t we plant reeds? Like they are good for making Adobe wall and i know wheat can make Adobe but i use them for compost soil

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the one from the swamps? maybe they should regrow after a while. like if you havent cleaned the spot with a shovel, they just regrow like clay does.


That should definatly be added. Its super anoying that after awhile towns stop having more then like 4 baskets at a time cus nobody wants to make wheat baskets lol.

Maybe if we dug a trash pit then used a bucket of water on it and added adobe to it after words putting a reed on it then it would make the reeds spot after they been cut. Then over time it regrows every hour or so like rabbits.

That way we could make reed farms that automatically regrow like rasberrys but still require you to have most iron tools to be able to do in bulk. (The shovels and all the tools to make the bucket)

Maybe after every harvest we would have to add a bowel of water to get them to regrow? Even the wild ones would need water to grow after they been harvested.