Planted saplings turn to weak skewer once harvested


I was playing the event yesterday and started a sapling farm, but the moment I harvested any of the saplings they became weak skewers. Is this how it is supposed to be or an error?!

Planting sapling cuttings is actually considered griefing. It’s a tremendous waste of soil.

Aah thanks @Badkat. Didn’t know this! Haven’t really paid attention to the desktop version forum.

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No problem. I was just too lazy to paraphrase. :joy:

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Although its not a bad idea in an early civ to have some saplings around incase someone griefs all the milk weed and theres no iron smithing yet. Ive had a lot of my camps sudenly starve out during that crucial step

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Later on a sapling farm is very handy. You can make letters for signs with them which would be next to impossible without a proper farm. Some letters require several saplings to make.