Play time for the server ALL PLEASE APPLY

UK time 11pm

I work midnights in eastern time U.S. I check for other players all night between 11pm and 5am. I play when I see that others are on. After work I play between 9am and 3pm. If we agree upon a set time I will do my best to play at that time.

I noticed that a lot of players are from the US and work night shifts so we have to settle on time after the night shifts i willl translete the time in european and sey the time for US and EU

The best time for Eu and east coast of america would be 9pm or 10 pm CET so in america it would be 4 pm or 5pm but for azia it depends where you are if you are in japan it would be 6 am or 7 am if you are at the west part of russia it would be 1 am or 2 am

Australia also like japan

Africa eould be ok like Eu

South america like 5pm 4 pm

It really depends where moust players are at

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What do you think

Yeah I’m from Europe and usually I play around 10pm because I know that’s when Americans are playing too

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Yeah but problem are azians

Not they but time zones

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We don’t need to play at the same time. We all need to play in one server only. That way, when the Rusians and Asians are going to sleep, the Europeans are the next generation. And when the Europeans are finishing playing, the Americans start getting born, and so on. The sickle will continue.

If we all play at the same time, there will be too many people in one spot, something that will end in catastrophe.

Lest select a server to have a long live.

I only use the USA server, but I can use other one if necessary.


Oh yeah

So now is the question wich server to play on Eu people can play on the american server so can azians what abaut Eu server

Let’s do US server

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Wait, what time again?? It didn’t look clear to me. I use the Pacific time zone thingy whatever

Like @SylarUchiha said that we dont need to play at the same time because when europeans are ending play time the azians come and the americans

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Got it, is it starting right now?

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Yes. We have 7 people on USA server right now. This way we are going to buil our first Empire.

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