Play time for the server ALL PLEASE APPLY

So me @SylarUchiha and @Tazoedwan were thinking of a great Idea

How abaut we decide (all 200 of us) a play time on wich the most people will be playing.

In the comments say wich time souts you most and us three will pick the time of the most comments. We will be regullary on at least me so I can check and see wich is the best time.

Pleaze reply for the better experiense during our testing time in One hour one life


Whatever suits you guys! I’m in the middle east so I think my time zone is different from everyone :joy:
Can’t wait for this we need to blow it up!

Mi time is after 5:00 PM eastern time USA.

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My time rly dosnt matter because i am free all the time (summer) but i mostly play at CET 5 pm and 9 am

My play time is weird. I’ll see if i can join you guys, so i can make stew for yall

As long as you craft me a chef hat and an apron <3

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OH good idea we will make a a huge town that you will get lost at it And any time you want I will play I’m free all the time because I’m a kid



I hope to stew up :shallow_pan_of_food::shallow_pan_of_food::shallow_pan_of_food::shallow_pan_of_food::shallow_pan_of_food:

Oh god the puns

I haven’t been able to play for a few days, my phone charger was so badly damaged, it’s barely worked the last two weeks and sadly it finally gave up on me…
My new charger arrives on Wednesday though so I’ll be back soon!

Ok that is great and you are writing this on the computer right?

No I’m using my partners phone but it’s an android, so I can’t log into my AppStore and download test flight etc

I live in Australia and do shift work so always random times for play. I’ll look out here for when you guys decide and see if I can join!

(Also I note pretty much no one has a definite time they play :slight_smile:


Just playing on sg server with one other friend. Had a few spawns at the same location so got up to making most of the tools (and a bunch of pies)

I’ll be back there again in about 5-6 hours

(Gotta get to cabbage making!!)

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I wanna play! For free!!!

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What’s your issue? Why the attitude towards me?

On no sorry if you gitot it wrong i was just wondering what you were using. Sorry if you got it like ,oh he isnt playing the game excuses excuses’’

Please forgive me if you got it wrong

No play date yet?:pensive:

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From monday to sunday, midnight to 23:59