Player mechanics idea

Please reply if you have any ways I can improve or something I can fix

I have combined my first and second method to hopefully be compatible with the current game and be completely based on the players choice and a bit of chance so without further explaining here is how it works

There are 10 categories of each point so 20 Categories all up lifespan categories show how long you may live to health-span categories show the effects at any age making up to 40 different combinations entirely based on what the player does points will stay the same after 50 lowest point score is 40 highest point score is 500 max possible age is 120

Lifespan category 1 40/50 life points
Death chances 30=0% adding by 5% each year 40= 50% adds by 20% each year

Lifespan category 2 50-60 life points
Death chances 50=0% increase by 5% 60=50% increase by 10%

Lifespan category 3
60-80 life points
Death chances 60=0% increase 2%each year 70=20% increase by 7% until death

Lifespan category 4 80-120 life points
Death chances 65=0% increase by 2% each year 75=20% increase by 5% 85=70% increase by 10% until dead

Lifespan category 5 120-140 life points
Death chances 70=0% increase by 1% each year 90= 20% increase by 5% each year 100=70% death chance increase by 7% until dead

Lifespan category 6 140-180 life points

Death chances 80=0% increase by 1% each year 100=20% increase by 4% each year 110=60% increase by 10% until dead

Lifespan category 7 180-250 life points
Death chances 90=0% increase by 1% 110=20% increase by 5% 120=70% death chance after 120 is 100%

Lifespan category 8 250-350 life points
Death chances 95=0% increase by 1% 110=15% increase by 5% 120=65% after 120 death chance is 100%

Lifespan category 9 350-450 life points
Death chances 100=0% increase by 1% each year 120=20% after 120 death chance is 100

Lifespan category 10 450-500 life points
If any player is able to get this many life points they should get a little bit longer so I extended their potential lifespan 10 years past max lifespan
Death chances 110=0% increase by 1 % 130=20% anything above 130 is 100%

How you can get life points

1 farming for every 10 crops you soil or water you get 1 life point
2 crafting for every 20 items you craft you get 1 life point
3 for any babies you feed you get 1 life point per 5 squares of food
4 communicating every time you speak 60 characters you receive 1 life point
5 looking after elders feeding/giving/helping elders/people over 50 will give you 1 point
6 cooking farmed food in any way will give you 1 life point per food
7clothing wearing clothing will give you 1 life point every 2 minites per piece

Ways you can loose life points
Grief Ing will make you loose 500 life points per grief
Being inactive takes 1 life point if done constantly for more than a minute
Being hungry takes 1 life point per 30 sec being starving takes 1 life point per 5 seconds this rule does not apply after the age of 50

Health points
This determines how healthy the player is when they reach certain ages player starts with 40
You can gain health points by

Being active/running around 2 points per 10 seconds
Lifting rocks 5 points every 30 seconds
Crafting 1 point per 5 crafts

You can loose health points by
Eating -1 point every 2 food squares filled
Being inactive -5 health points every 30 seconds
Grief Ing -500 health points
Starving -10 health points

Health span category 1 health points 0-20
Before 15 the player will walk slower than others after 15 the player will need a walking stick to move at 20 players current walking speed will be halved 25% of normal walking speed at 30 player will become completely immobile at 35 player will need life support players like this will appear chubby and will get chubbier as the effects worsen the only upside to this category is that you get x3 food bars but you use up food 3x faster

Health span category 2 20-30 health points
Player will have a 25% slower walking speed at 20 at 30 player will have a 50% slower walking speed
By 40 player will need walking stick to go anywhere
By 50 player will not be able to craft or do anything but eat
By 60 player will need dual walking sticks and movement speed will be 25%
By 70 player will need life support these players will appear slightly chubby or a bit over normal sized they get x2 food bars but use them twice as fast

Health span category 3
30-60 health points
Players of this category will have 1/2 of a food bar and use that food Bar 1/2 as fast
They will appear skinny and short and will walk 20% faster at 30 they will walk normal speed at 40 they will walk 50% speed

Griefing usually is just using normal player mechanics in a way that disrupts gameplay for others. So there needs to be some specific way to determine for certain what is and isn’t griefing.