Players often do not notice the baby's birth

Players often do not notice the baby’s birth

So I hope that the player’s smart phone will vibrate when the player’s baby is born

It is better if players can choose whether they need the feature or not


Haha nice drawing. I think thats a good effect to add.

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Certain iOS devices that are supported do not have a haptic engine of any kind (meaning they can’t vibrate). I don’t know about Android devices though.

Also, I love the visuals! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Love this drawing :joy:

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I believe this applies for iPads and iPod Touches.

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ah I see


How about notifying the player in a popup

And I like to draw. Thank you

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I dont want to be annoying, but that blocks the sight. But we can make a little transparant text. Also, sometimes players see there kids but just ignore them.


Yah most of the times your born unless you were born behind a tree your mom probably just ignored you. Its not always the best choice to take babys especially if your out in the wilderness.


I imagined a pop-up in the same form as a ban vote.

I’m sorry, sometimes I didn’t notice the baby.
At that time I was shocked to see my family tree.

However, there are certainly players who intentionally abandon their baby. In that case, I think that there is nothing but giving up.

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Yeah, a pop up would be nice.

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I’ve noticed that sometimes when the baby spawns, they do so with a squeak. Kinda cute

I think that’s unintentional.

Please I would love this option I often only get to play while holding the baby I nanny for as she sleeps (tummy problems often sleep better on a shoulder) but that means no sound at all and I miss baby because of this. Please remember that your player have real lives outside of the game and many of us can’t always have sound on. No can’t use head phone have to keep and ear out for the 2 year old (also napping)

Good idea, I def dont notice babies when riding a horse .

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I think this is a good idea. They should also add in a piece of fur onto backpacks to make it a baby carrier and allow for easy carrying of newborns


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