Please ban players who are born then they suicide!

They just join the game then suicide when they don’t like it being an eve when sometimes an eve can only have one child throughout her life !

It’s so annoying and stupid, what’s the point of the game if you just respawn in a town with everything ready? Will you spend an hour running around being useless and hunting rabbits? It’s so annoying and cringy and they should either get banned or just play Minecraft because it’s more simple for SIMPLE minded people…

Minecraft for simple minded people?

You sir do not deserve my stew :confused:


Sorry lol, just meant simpler than this xD

Maybe they should be provided a more… friendlier… solution.

If you want more than one baby, you should try the pine needle tea. It helps with your fertility.

Also, as a kid, if i don’t like the setup that my mother did, i AM going to suicide. No point in living a life fixing everything and then go to another life and fix everything again and again and again…

There has to be reasons why your babies leaves you.
Not everyone likes to play as gen 2 either… keep that in mind.
Suicide should NOT be bannable. I also have kids who suicide themselves and i don’t make that big of a deal out of it. So should you.

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You could work on your own town, put a peace Lily on a home marker, then if you have no children to bury you, when you spawn into a larger town next life, ask someone to bury you. Then you can play and build up your own town, and bury your own bones when you respawn in your town.

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Wouldn’t it be better if the baby was first assigned to another village (family) other than the village (family) that had previously died?

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I thought… it was already the case? Is it not? :no_mouth:

I was 15 when I got my first child, 16 when I got my second and thats what I all got, it takes time to build stuff, like with my second child I had my farm.ready and everything I was just making some clay products, we had more than enough food. It’s a team player game and as anything the mother didn’t choose you as well, so I don’t know why you suicide, I never do even if my mother doesn’t know how to even light a fire, I stay and help her, because that’s the point of the game 🤦

And I can make a deal of any problem I’m suffering I’m as much of a client as you so you shouldn’t judge what should be a deal and what shouldn’t be…

Any solution is fine, maybe increase the cool down a bit? It’s ok anything is good tbh, and idk create a command so it doesn’t affect the birth rate of the woman? 🤷 Anything lol

I actually think both of my children during that life were the same person but yeah I totally agree with you

If that is supposedly the point of the game, then why do solo players exist (and a no kids server for that matter).

It’s called a private server for that reason, because in private servers you do whatever you want even if they weren’t the “normal of the game”

Solo players and private servers are different things.

The no kids server is not the same thing as a private server. The no kids server is free to play on. Unlike the no kids server, private servers cost money to run. Some people don’t have the money to buy a private server (or they simply don’t want to).

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Did you leave the whole point and just focused on that lol but whatever nvm, we can just end the discussion here :heart:

I prefer when kids don’t suicide for two reasons: I waste time on them, at my own expense, and when they die I get a ‘grief’ penalty.

However, I have been playing long enough that sometimes you’re born to a really awful player, not new, just really annoying, rude or sabotage-y. So I kinda get it.

What I do now when I am an Eve, is ask them if they want to stay. If they say no, I make it easier on them and put them down, then help myself to some nearby food. If they say yes, I ask if they are new. If so I give them basic info.

I have never suicided except maybe once when I was born to an awful player the second time, and I noped right out of there. Unlike real-life we have some say in who we are born to. I think it’s important to keep it that way.


Exactly you put so much effort in them and they then die out of nowhere, it’s kinda annoying because sometimes you’re low in food if you’re starting and like you actually have to stay close food so they can grow old there or to make it easier to feed them in general, :roll_eyes: but when they don’t reply I assume they wanna stay and then they just stay afk and it gets a bit annoying sometimes lol, I never suicide even when my mother is a noob tbh, I always help them with the basics and stuff, :joy: after all we need the game to get more players and just leaving the newbie on his own won’t do good tbh and we have all been there, but im never rude to them like at all :joy::joy: maybe I do give them stupid names but I can’t help it ok