Please banish this person

They thought it’d be fun to chop down all 72 maple trees I made yesterday along with many of the juniper trees nearby. ID 18556

They also attempted to use my tools as much as possible.

If you go north on the no child server you can find my home within a minute or two of a walk from spawn. I’ll be setting a line of limestone blocks to find it easier so anyone that wants to help banish them, can :wink:

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oof all 72! damn just used my curse token for a griefer south east. but the number ended also with 6. maybe it was the same. i will come up when i have a token again.


I found another spot (not mine) that was griefed by them, they went on a spree :open_mouth:

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So I seen 18555 had buried 18556, I honestly think this is the griefers other account.

The player ID number seems to only go in an increasing sequence so while 18556 was griefing 18555 had already been playing. Probably on multiple devices.

I dont know about y’all but who would see a place has very clearly recently been griefed and think “This set of bones of the ID that chopped down all these trees must be trust worthy.” and decide to bury them?

Whom also conveniently found my place qfter the griefer and was born exactly one life before the griefer.

This is next level griefing and they had made an attempt to circumvent the current system that is in place. I really think this is grounds for a permanent ban for both of those IDs :angry:

I also think they had most likely been griefing for much longer before this if they used these methods.


oof burying yourself to grief for 2 lives. thats just sad.

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Hi I buried both sets of bones as I was getting flat stones to make a road around my house. When i was there all the trees where still standing and when I buried the bones at the other camp it was perfect too. I thought I was doing a good deed burying these people I even left a note saying rest in peace my friend at one camp I am always on this server


You were born before the griefer so the time frame of nothing being out of place is extremely slim. The griefer did after all cut down 100+ trees, dig up 40 boulders and 10 stumps at least release 2+ bears hid my knife so I cant make another horse cart yet and took 3 bowls. I’ll be generous and say it took them 4 minutes to find my place and even less time to find the 2nd because they stole my horse cart.

I highly doubt you were searching for flat stones for your home before 50 at best and itd take a good 5 minutes to make paper and the 2 graves.

If someone starts at 14+5 for finding the home, 19 and your 50-5 45, meaning that even if you were born a few seconds apart from one another it would give the griefer 26 minutes at most to do all of that without you noticing.

  1. The flatstone you got was already in the sledge near their bones.

  2. Those bones you buried were definitely not mine because I did not rebirth near my marker and I never die up there.

  3. Sequencing

The last life I lived was at 18530 meaning that if this third person your saying does exist then that would mean somewhere in my base it would show evidence of an 18531-18554 existing, I’ve yet to find it and why would someone just die in my home without doing a single thing?

  1. You created an account and made a rebuttal after reading this just a few hours of reading this and coincidence or not it’s weird to not have made an account by now if you are an active forum reader.

  2. Show me evidence of the note you made, the road your building and the location of your home relative to the bell tower that keeps ringing. (PM it if you dont feel safe showing it in the main forum)


oh the bell ringing is in my town :wink:

so apparently you can‘t curse the same player twice within 24 hours.
i will come up in 24 hours to curse this evil lumber jack again!!

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I think shnappers has a point here, multiple even… anyway the main thing is that player 18556 did grief so he should be punished for that offcourse.

What i also want to mention is that it is indeed possible to go on 2 devices at the same time and bury youself.
I honestly did this a couple times to bury myself and spawn into my town the next life on public servers.
Player 18556 used this method for the wrong reasons, so i suggest to make this not possible anymore.
Lets say you would log in with your second device then it would show the same screen as the first one.


When you got the belltower town I found your place. Very nice btw :relieved:. But I couldn’t find the griefing spot. Where is it from your location? I wanna help to ban too. My spot btw is northnorthwest from yours, not very far. But it’s still at the beginning and Lay-out Phase :smile:. When I got sheep I give you your horse back that you gave to me a few days ago (I am Kathi)


hallo kathi :hugs:

from the smithing area straight up north. you can follow the road up north (between bell and smith) and follow the small path i made. you wont miss it. its a large area of trees which got destroyed.

Bin mir nicht sicher wie lang ich noch auf dem Server spiele. Als meine Strasse vor mehreren Monaten zerstört wurde, war ich so traurig, dass ich das Game für 2 Monate nicht mehr spielte. Auf dem no-kids Server sind sehr viele Griefer unterwegs.

Wünsch dir aber trotzdem viel Spass! Cool, dass du einen passenden Ort gefunden hast. Viel Erfolg mit deinem Dorf :hugs:. Du kannst das Pferd gerne behalten. Ich hab immer eins zu viel für liebe Mitspieler :wink:.

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