Please don’t take things from towns

I understand the temptation, you’re starting off and missing a few pieces and it’s sticking out like a sore thumb to you I get it. “ but it was abandoned” no sht for brains it just means no one was online at that moment. But in all seriousness please stop taking things from other towns it’s really wack? Like idk it’s messed up and it’s also just really lame it just shows you can’t play or don’t want to play the game. Other people work hard on their towns I just came back to stacks of iron missing and other things so yeah make your own sht people


Thieves are annoying :disappointed: espacially iron thieves!

I hope you don’t get discouraged by them. Keep up the good work :hugs:


Hello Heidi I’m sorry but aren’t u like a wealthy family because of ur name it has Van Bergen

hahhaha :joy: yea i have choosen this nobel name because we have crowns in game. :crown: but actually i like the farmers hat way more. if there is a mill in the next game i will name myself miller.

Do u watch alienist you have ur name in that show ur Surname

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