Please fix eve spawn location in EU2

the eve spwan is still close to the same region after the update, please fix it as soon as possible. That really ruins the game and griefers take advantage to grief the town by forcing to be eve.

Hope we can return to the normal eve spwan soon. Thanks.



In fact, I think that is quite good, I will choose a direction to leave the village to establish a stronghold, and my friends and I can still go back there without relying on the Eve chain. In the case of a small number of servers, I think I am more willing to be on eu2 instead of the Singapore server.


I know, we actually can take advantage in the eve spawn location, but i think the griefers took advantage on that too.

I would say the force location of eve should put on private server because u can control who is playing in private server. But for public server, no, I am sick of griefer. as there is only 3 to 5 ppl playing in EU, u don’t want to spend your whole life in fixing what griefer done.

I build my town out of the big city but still, griefers can easily get a horse and pies there and go everywhere to grief.

I hope the private server is releasing soon.



I don’t want to disturb by griefers too, that’s why I hope the eve spawn can be fix and griefer stay away from my town :blush:

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If only griefers didn’t exist…


If the spawn is 30 min away its all good also u can drive or take a horse or even go outside.

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I personally like having eve spawns close together like that, makes it easier to get to big cities…for both grifers and the rest of the community, thought. I would personally take griefers over normal eve spawns, because it makes it so much easier to make & maintain big cities.
griefers are going to spawn as ur babies anyways.

This was fixed earlier today. The Eve distance is now 100 on that server.