Please, for the love of god, fix eve spawns

(In case it’s already been forgotten, this feature I’m talking about is the embellishment feature that lets you spawn at your previous death location if you started the game as an eve and died at 60 years old.)

Some of us are not blessed to be able to play on japanese or chinese servers with 100 people in each server. In the singapore server, i’d count myself lucky if there’s more than 10 people playing in the server.

You have NO idea how frustrating it is to play game after game, all your babies are “suicide babies” that dont want to play with you, and if you are lucky enough to have decent children, the lineage dies out quickly because THERE ARENT ENOUGH PLAYERS TO CONTINUE!!! I can’t find abandoned camps anymore as I spawn in the middle of NOWHERE and even when I work my ■■■ off, I will barely only have a couple of steel tools by the time I’m 60.

Please, please, PLEASE don’t forget about this feature which is also in the main PC game and was a feature before. Please fix this bug, please.

I know the playerbase outside of japan or china or US is small, but we still matter. This game is simply unenjoyable for me now.



SUICIDE BABIES ARE THE WORST AS AN EVE ;-:wink: i can’t count how many times babies decided to run away just because I’m building an oven and kiln. Hopefully the next update it would be fixed




i can’t count how many times babies decided to run away just because I’m building an oven and kiln.
Hopefully the next update it would be fixed


If you’re playing on Europe the beginner Japan server tends to work relatively lag-free, and there’s usually enough people on it to guarantee a few towns

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What do I need to do to get into the Japanese server? It isn’t in my server list thingy.

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I don’t know anything about solo playing but i got so sick of Being trolled by baby’s, expecially as An Eve.
So today i read some comment that it wasn’t possible but still tried is out.
I spawned as an eve and started a camp.
I died of a old age and played again, this time i was a baby and my eve left me to die.
After Being abandoned 3 times i spawned as an eve back in my solo camp?
Do Eve spawns work or did a miracle happen??!!


Change your primary language setting to Japanese. That should do it.


I thought it was broken as well. A few days ago I spawned back in my last Eve location after several lives being raised from a baby. It was a couple of days later and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself back there.

I used to read the PC forum religiously, for education purposes and the humour, but haven’t done much lately. I do recall something about Eve spawn chaining being punted by Jason so this may be a permanent thing. A quick glance and I see a few threads talking about the Eve spawn spiral with suggestions on how to find living and lost civs.

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We integrated the PC code in the latest update, so the way it works now is exactly how it also works on PC. What you wish for is actually that it should not work as on PC. This is a perfectly valid wish and we will consider it. It does mean deviating from the “gold standard” though, which we in general try to avoid.


I’m against deviating from gold standard. But I bet you didn’t know that about me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Here is Jason’s own post about it:
“(And again, for a variety of reasons, I’m also reworking this mechanic so that it doesn’t function when there are other places to be born—it will only work if there are very few fertile mothers on the server).”

My guess is that those other players who baby suicide are all looking to play at their latest Eve spot too, thus messing it up for players who actually want to play together. The problem is, that if we give them what they want (Eve spawn-back every time they like), the baby suicides will just continue and no-one will be playing together with others anymore. Maybe the correct decision is to just disable Eve spawnback entirely, so people would stop baby suiciding…?

Feel free to share your opinions.


I think it’s fine the way it is now. It was a pleasant surprise to find myself back at my old camp the other day. I had made all the tools and mined two piles of iron. Before dying I had met a neighbor not too far to the NW and their location was preferable to mine. When I spawned back, I’m guessing there weren’t any fertile Eves on at the time, I was delighted and made a couple of carts to haul all the goodies up to that location.

Spawning back should be a rarity, imo. Advancing a town to a city is an ambitious goal and I totally get why people want to spawn back in order to do it. I think it’s contrary, though, to the spirit of the game. Some camps will grow to villages. Some villages will grow to towns and then cities. On the Eve spiral it’s not too difficult to find an abandoned place, sometimes an active place. If we are building civilization that means many outposts, some which grow, some which don’t, and that some day we may be able to connect those places. When the bell tower rings and you’re in a small village, what excitement! I ran and ran toward a bell tower a few days ago, carrying my last son in my arms for as long as I could. Stopping at a small settlement and asking them to feed me so I could carry my now six or seven year old son even farther toward that bell. That, in my view, is how the game should be. Let’s end the suicide rash once and for all and just leave it the way it is. Gold standard.

I have a couple of points to raise.

”it will only work if there are very few fertile mothers on the server”

First, this is exactly the situation in smaller servers such as the Singapore server, where majority of the time I’m born as an eve. Jason mentioned this feature should help solo play function, and I absolutely agree with him. Anyway, Jason made that post about a slightly different topic, a bug where the eve respawns based on recent placements instead of her previous death location. It shouldnt be used as an argument in this thread, which is whether eve spawns should be added back in per the previous update.

Second, there are many reasons for baby suicides. One very plausible reason is that these players see their mother in a bare-bones camp, for example with only a kiln, and want to find a more “advanced” village. I can totally empathise with them, because I sometimes feel the same way. When you play in a tiny server, odds are you will never be born into a more developed camp, because, you guessed it, there are simply not enough players to continue the lineage. After countless hours you just get sick of the mindless repetitive cycle.

In fact, if eve spawns are re-enabled, eves will have more lives to be able to build a more advanced village and babies would want to live and play with them in these towns, because it definitely beats the same cycle of being born to an eve with a bare-bones camp, helping them grow just barely, then the family dying out quickly because there arent enough players on the server.

You say:

My guess is that those other players who baby suicide are all looking to play at their latest Eve spot too, thus messing it up for players who actually want to play together.

It’s already been quite some time since the update and I’m sure that solo players have realised that eve spawns have been removed. It doesn’t make any sense for them to waste their time trying to run around the giant map looking for their old bases if they know this feature is gone.

Again, I want to reiterate that this is a problem on SMALLER servers (average below 10 players). I cant play on japanese servers because of the language barrier, and US servers are just too laggy for me due to high ping.


I dont read PC forums, and I’m sure the thousands of japanese and chinese players on mobile don’t as well due to the language barrier. We buy the game and play it as it is. Imagine not having additional information on eve spirals, tips on finding towns, etc. On small servers with fewer than 10 people playing, bell towers are simply a myth, they never get built because there are simply not enough people to continue a lineage. Please remember that my thread is solely related to small servers such as the Singapore server and even the EU server.


I have played on their servers before but it doesnt feel the same not understanding a single word anyone is saying and just mindlessly working with no connections to your family.


That’s admittedly true.


First, let me say that I understand what you are saying and where you are coming from. I do understand why.
Second, I have failed to describe the situation so everyone understands it. Here is the timeline:

  1. From the very beginning until January this year, our Eve spawns worked exactly as on PC.
  2. Early this year, Jason found a bug. The code did not behave the way he intended. He fixed this bug, but at the same time made changes to limit the use of Eve respawn (if there are three fertile women on a server, there is no Eve respawn).
  3. In our 1.8.2 release in January, we integrated the bug fix, but not the additional changes. Result: Eve respawn worked always.
  4. In release 1.9.0 we integrated all Jason’s changes, together with a lot of content. Result: Eve respawn is limited the way it is on PC.

You play on a low population server, but obviously many of the people playing there are baby suiciding. This results in more Eves, which means Jason’s limitation kicks in.

Conclusion: Eve respawn works the way it was designed, and a vicious circle of baby suicides and Eve respawn attempts is sabotaging play on your favorite server.

It is entirely possible that it would be better to remove Jason’s limitation (or change it so it’s less strict). It is also possible that it would not be good in the long run.

Is there any way we can fix the vicious circle instead of changing the design of Eve respawn? For example, what could we do that would encourage player to not baby suicide?

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Thanks for the help. Baby suiciding is usually due to a number of things, some more common on mobile. For example a baby might want to change gender or spawn as an Eve, or simply needs to put the phone down and can’t play as a result. Having stricter Eve spawns might increase baby suiciding so that “solo play” can be achieved, although many low population servers rely on Eve spawns as the principle measure of populating a town through the night. The eve would be like the “queen bee” who repopulates the town every so often always being able to spawn back. Therefore I would suggest keeping the limit of when you can spawn as an Eve, but removing the number of times that you can use an Eve spawn. That way it will only be used on the servers that really need it and they can keep using their Eve spawns for as long as they can keep em going. Although of course the decision is yours. Thanks for helping and reading : ).


Actually from my experience in the low population server, these suicide babies usually just get born to another mother in the same family (if there are other mothers) or to the same mother again. This is from my personal experience. Maybe you would have actual data stating otherwise.

For suggestions on fixing this problem of suicide babies, there isnt much that can be done other than to make the curse system stricter so these babies get cursed even when they run away.

I notice that babies dont suicide when they are born in a more developed town, with big farms and a lot of iron. I just played a game where the eve chanced upon an abandoned town that was very developed and none of the babies ran away. Instead, they were so eager to grow up.

That brings me back to my point mentioned previously: if eve spawns are enabled again, eves will have more time to not only build a better town, but if there arent enough players to continue the lineage (especially common in small servers) the eve can respawn and repopulate the town. This reduces the tendency for players to suicide immediately.

We must also remember that eve spawn isnt always an easy guarantee; it’s very easy to die before 60 years old (animals, starvation) and lose that spawn location, so that mitigates the risk of abusing the feature.

We are also different from the PC game in that the PC game has merged all servers into one big server. Its no wonder the eve spawn system is becoming more restricted for PC. It would almost be unnecessary in a huge server.

Ultimately this is your game to mould and develop and I started this thread just to air my concerns from the perspective of someone who has almost no choice but to play in a small server. It is by no means my “favourite server”, it is the only one I am able to have a decent experience on due to my location. I hope you take this feedback into consideration. For the time being, it’s just very hard to enjoy this game anymore.


For a repeated baby suicide fix I’d recommend simply adding the /die function as it was implemented in the PC version. A baby who wants to leave can type /die and they are then banned from that lineage. I know I’ve birthed a single suiciding player multiple times on numerous occasions.

That fix would ensure the same player(s) aren’t being reborn to an Eve when they clearly don’t want to be there to begin with.

I’m actually somewhat convinced that some people do it as a griefing method, though why is beyond my comprehension. I’ve had babies, multiple times in a row, say “f”, I feed them, then they run off to die.