Please let us be able to replant juniper trees

It really hurts when griefers chop them and I would like a way to replant them.


I think it adds to the challenge and keeps things from being too easy. In the future, I would recommend guarding any juniper trees in town. :slight_smile:

Why should starting a fire be a challenge that’s weird, juniper trees are important I don’t want to have to ride a horse to get one bc someone chopped them all down

Yah it sucks when all the juniper trees get choped but there are alternative fire starting methods now.

Woodshavings can be used in place of juniper.

Find a straight log use a sharp stone on it twice to make a tool handel then use flint on the tool handel you will get chopsticks and wood shavings. Use the flint on the chopsticks to turn it into woodshavings to. You can do this with yew branches to but it only results in one woodshaving if i remember right.