Please read

I came back to the town I’ve been working on for a while all messed up. The onigiri leaves were gone, someone stole the knife, even a board in the nursery had been messed up.

I spent 45 minutes cleaning it up. And because someone just had to bury my old body(you probably had good intentions thank you for that but also don’t do that) I cant go back for a while. So I’d like to ask anyone that respawns there to take a seed or go to one of more underdevelopment towns.

You can find Lovetons sister towns by going down the road I made. The town on the rights road is finished but in the exact opposite direction is the other town with a bigger farm. I have equipped both places with tools and a horse cart.

If you’d like to stay in Loveton and not have kids please make some pottery as well as food. I’d just like some time without anyone messing with the town too much so I can bulid. Thank you.


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