Please revert the game's name to OHOL mobile

I’ve been lurking a bit, but this just has to be said. Bear in mind that English isn’t my first language.

Please revert the game’s name and continue implementing parts of Jason’s updates. Your game has been the superior of the two for a long time now. Your vision for the game is better.

Most of us know that Jason has been nothing more than a greedy manchild having a tantrum. We can judge that much from his lawyering over ‘reputation’ as an excuse to bottleneck your business. Obviously nothing that happened in China has any bearing to you. He put this game in the public domain to be edited by all for a reason. He could have hired developers and made his own mobile version, but he didn’t because he lacks insight. And now he wants to lash out at others who do have insight, while making the game worse for it.

This name change is nothing more than an attempt to get people redirected to his own game in the confusion of the change and to take the wind out of your sails. I had to expend significant effort even finding the website on google. He is genuinely just being a jealous little man with little ambition. That much is obvious in how hot he got over something insignificant. You were the one who took the means available to you and became more successful than him, and now he is jealous.

You don’t need to respect him when he’s going through such deceitful means to leech from you, because the success of the game on mobile is solely because of you. You wouldn’t have even made the game popular on mobile if he didn’t put the game in the public domain. Jason is just crying because he traded his lemons for milk, but now that sees someone made a successful lemonade stand, he wants lemonade too. So he threw his milk on the floor and is pretending you spilt it with your lemonade.

There is so much you can do to make it clear you’re unaffiliated with him, a name change is the most extreme and worst option. It’s an unnecessary

I think what mobile devs intended to do by changing the name of the game is because they want to make new versions of the game but still giving credit to jason. Just like 2 hours one life did. If the game still using the same name and still using the same feature like the PC version, people might misunderstood again thinking that this game is under jason approvals. That was something Jason didn’t wanted to.

Even though, i still don’t know why Jason hasn’t been released his own mobile version that possibly turned YAH down for good.

I think jason updated his copywrite.

The original idea intended by DualDecade was to be the official Mobile version of One Hour One Life. They did an amazing job in a chort period of time. They wanted to be accepted by the original game creator, and work along side with him. Unfortunately Jason didn’t want to be part of this proyect, and he din’t recognize the fruits of his own creation. They run the game for a little while, and everything was doing good. Equal to a children when he do better than his father, they got punished instead of been celebrated.
Because some miss understanding in the Chinese/Japanese market, the a flame of hate was created in the original author of the game. The results of long hours of painful debates ended up in the desition of hard forking the game, to preserve the reputation of the original author. At the end we are all big fans of Jason, and we appreciate his work. For that reason a divorce was nesesary to prevent further ethical damage to his name. We learn from our failures rather than from our susses. He ended up changing his game copyright, and we ended up taking a different path in the development of the game.
Slowly but stady we will be changing the look of our mobile game design until we became a total new game.
With love in our hearts we will always remember were we came from, and were we now are. Our future will be only dictated by time.

Thanks for letting us know how you feel about it. Sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused. Have fun in every life, and always remember that you are our only Hope.


I think he did.