Please share your experiences!

Don’t be shy about creating new topics to share your experience from lives lived. Images are also nice.
Eventually we will have a whole section for people to share their “Life Stories”, but you don’t have to wait for that - just create new topics in the General category.

It doesn’t have to be long, look at this example:

One fun aspect is that you can find out who played your mom and children :family_woman_girl_boy: :hugs:


Man I’ve made so much start up towns I don’t even know how many there are I always get to starting a sheep pen when I die,
Though I have a question the app keeps “conecting to server” is this a temporary thing or what?


We had a hardware failure last night and server was completely down. You would see that message in this case.


Ok When I have the full version I will share my stories.

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Take screenshots and post your life stories as a new thread in general!!! Chris will change the category when he reads it


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