Please stop mosquitoes from being in other biomas other than jungle

Lately , I have been seeing mosquitoes elsewhere other than the jungle. Please solve this problem. Please return peace to normal village life. Imagine trying to blacksmith and you get sick , trying to get water or plant thing and you get sick , trying to collect soil or long straight shaft and you get sick. Having boar in the wasteland or black area is a meh… as you get killed by snake or wolf anyway . But …having mosquitoes (a lot a lot, can see at least 2 in the small area ) in greenland is a disaster. And also snake is not needed in greenland. The biomas have been merging together and getting smaller and more complicated each time . Please help solve this problem. Thank you.

Usually there’s a jungle nearby. They often come out once in a while but rarely go too far from their jungle. I don’t know if you knew about this, but you can’t be stung by them if you stand on something (like rock or anything). Same thing goes to other animals. Also, They can’t hurt you if they are moving.

I don’t know if they will fix this problem. But knowing about they behavior may save you a live.

  1. Mosquitoes only move one tile at a time in any direction.
  2. They ignore you, so they will not chase you or running away from you.
  3. They can move more than one tile if there’s object in front of them, meaning they will skip one or two tile if their way is block by object.
  4. They can skip one or two object but not more than five. If there’s more than 5 object blocking their way, they’ll simply found other direction.
  5. When get stung, go to cooler biomes (grassland, ice, yellow prairie, swamp). If you stand in hotter place (jungle, desert), it will burn your food bar faster.
  6. The can’t enter pen or escape pen. They can’t skip wall so we can trick them into corner. (so far i never success trapping them)
  7. They can’t stung you if you stand on a tile with object on it.
  8. They can’t stung you if they are moving.

I hope this will help you until they do something with mosquitoes.


Thanks for the information especially for 1,3 and 4. I don’t know but nowadays I find a lot of mosquitoes in the middle of grassland(in the middle of a big one)and now there are snakes too , Imagine the horror. Tried trapping them before but get stung a lot before successfully trapping them. I wonder what can be used to trap them. I once used farm(use the hoe on the soil one time to make it like there is something on the floor) to make sure everyone not get sick as we keep stumble to the same mosquitoes.

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Logically, it wouldn’t make sense to restrict mosquitoes to Jungle biomes. Let them roam around the edge a little.

But still I feel that nowadays biomas merge too much . See this. Do you think the hole being there is logical ?

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Yes, I think that it is logical.

But , why ? It is a hole to dig steel and blackland is no way nearby. Yup , it is in the middle of a super huge grassland.

  1. Part of the land slowly erodes and forms a pit.
  2. Sediment is transported (typically by water) over a long period of time, forming sedimentary rocks in the pit.
  3. Iron ore deposits form in the sedimentary rocks, also over a long period of time (proving that the area used to be a lake or an ocean).
  4. Oxygen and freshwater are the cause, while the formation of the iron ore deposits is the effect.
  5. In other words, a chemical reaction happened. Blame natural causes.

Hes talking about the games biom generation logic.

Same thing happens with pond. There’s two pond in the middle of grassland without swamp nearby. But there is also a tree that usually grow in swamp.

Still makes sense.

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Ya, ya , you won. Still, I hate mosquitoes… If only there is a way to get rid of them.