Please update to version 0.9.9 asap!

We will soon be taking down the single server which supports app version 0.9.8 and restart it for 0.9.9.
If you have not updated by then, you will no longer be able to play the game until after you update.


So many feels, RIP to all the early original settlements, RIP to the settlement in which @TheRedBug made the servers very first stew!
RIP to the settlement in which we beat our first major generation record in!

Original beta server you will be dearly missed.
June 2018 - July 2018


Rip to the first stew? No. I disagree.
The first stew served to feed our souls. Oursouls are still here.
We are one with the stew. The stew is one with us.
As long as we live, the stew lives on.
It cannot rest in peace as long as we arent burried somewhere.

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Hahaha not RIP to the stew, RIP to the settlement, you’re right the stew lives on within us

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Any time the servers will reset?

I have been playing on sg server and it is empty! Wondering if people are waiting for the reset. I got 2 eve lives that spawned right next to each other and managed to make a farm, axe and shovel. It was the perfect location with a dozen gooseberry bushes around and a few water holes right next to it with a touch of desert for keeping the kids warm (though at that stage I had a large slow biting fire to keep me going!)

Ok, it’s done:

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