Pls set up Chinese-2

Is it possible to set up a server seems like “Chinese-2"or"Chinese-beginner”?
Because the Chinese “You are hope” has been closed for the further development, many chinese players(up to 100+ these days conpares to the original 20 players before in a time)start playing the international version.
Now this server is a bit crowded.Please set up …………

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I don’t think they plan to add any new servers, though. Sorry!

there are too many people … :face_holding_back_tears:

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i hope this message from the developers helps. there seems to be a problem with the chinese server from the publisher inside china. there should be a transfer from an old publisher to a new publisher going on, but the process was getting stuck. so currently there are a lot of people using the international chinese server.

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Wow! So terrible that the original Chinese partner did not act in good faith. @Christoffer and team, thank you for doing your best for the Chinese players. I hope things with your new partner work out quickly and smoothly. And sorry to the Chinese players, that you have to be the victims of an unprofessional company. :confused:

@Maengish , thank you for sharing this post here!!!


@LesLesLes i hope the problem with Yiru Technology will be solved soon, so players can split between 2 servers again.

So sorry for your experence with too many players on one server.

yeah ,we heard about it .

thank u

i don’t know much about it ,but it seems like Yiru’ problem. thx!


We will of course add more servers if the current ones are full. So far, we have seen up to 100 players on the Chinese server, but that is only about 60% of its capacity. The world map is super large, so you can spread out and start new camps and cities in more places, which will decrease the population density. Please try that first, thanks!


Please, please prepare a Chinese server as soon as possible!
I got stabbed with a knife today!
When I told them that I didn’t understand the Chinese they were speaking because it was a Japanese server, they said, “It’s our village!” and stabbed me.
Japanese people’s stress has reached its limit!

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On which server did this happen, please?

It happened on the Japan server.
Actually, troubles are occurring frequently on all Japan servers these days.

I’m a bit interested, what type of stuff are happening? I have seen a couple but I’m just wondering bc I tried the Japanese server and not much happened and I know I’m standing from one experience.just curious.

For example, even though it’s a Japanese server, if a Japanese child is born, the baby will be thrown away far away.
Even though I’m calling out to you, I ignore you and starve to death.
No matter how early the village was, the Chinese would eat up precious food while chatting with each other instead of working.
Even though I can’t hold a conversation, I say, “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” and curse me.
If there’s something he doesn’t like, he’ll stab him with a knife.
Bury the bones of fellow Chinese people, reincarnate them, and take over a Japanese village.
Breaking down sheep fences, transporting food and iron to a nearby Chinese village, and converting all building materials into firewood.
This is a daily occurrence.
I actually wake up every day.
Lately, I’ve been trying to steal bones and hide them far away.
I won’t be able to come back any longer.

Japan server

There is a Chinese server already, and it’s not full. Adding more servers will not change people’s behaviors towards each other. Some players enjoy behaving badly, but fortunately it’s a minority.
I suggest you use the ban function when you see bad behaviors. If everyone does that, things will hopefully improve over time.

Maybe we should change one of the no-kids servers to Chinese though? If it’s true that Chinese players don’t want children, I mean?

i wrote a letter before,plz read it.Then u will understand why we made this rule~~~

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