Possible bug making fence near brick floor

Think there Is bug making fence near brick

Was unable to use shovel on the stakes in the pic in order to put fence down. This is on private server. Havent tried it on public server.

It worked fine for the top and the sides.

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Hi Misty!
On top and sides you put the fence in a different tile than the brick floor, but at bottom you try to put the fence in the same tile as the bricks. I think that’s the difference.

It still leaves the question whether it ought to be supported to have a fence or wall on the same tile as a floor/road. Maybe it ought to be possible, maybe it’s not so important? The visual may not be so great anyway when you put a fence on top of bricks… worth thinking about.

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Ah ok! I understand, I will find something else to put there!

yes, ppl always brick the whole smithing area and bakery to make the process faster, but when u want to get a horse and go to those bricks area, you hv to get used to a single tile without brick to hv fence post :joy::joy:

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