It would be fun to make some potions in game. Like something against mosquitos might come handy. Or beeing a bit stronger to manage some heavy stones (like Asterix and Obelix).

There are already bowls for crushing some ingredients, a pot to collect ingredients and fire to finish the potions. We could fill the potions into jars and label them. If the potion has no effect, the label will stay empty. So it will be a mystery, what mixture actually helps. If you mixed something helpful the label shows what it might help with. :muscle:

You would drink the potions to get the effect. You can either take it directly from the pot with a bowl or fill it in a jar first so you are sure what you are drinking. The food pips would go up like with pine needle tea.

Whats missing are a bit of ingredients. Some flowers and herbs would be nice to have. Mushrooms we have 1 kind. We already have some leaves, fruits and seeds.

Maybe the fertility recipe could be added to the pot system. For birth control add 5 crushed carrot seeds to the pot and fill it with 2 water. So you get like 5 bowls of birth control potion. And for fertility you add like 5 pine needles to the pot and 2 water. You get 5 bowls of the fertility potion.

The pot system would allow to make potions, soups and teas.

What kind of potions would you like to see in game?

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Again y’all are trying to make solutions for stuff that’s already been solved… torches kill mosquitoes and birth control has its carrot seeds. If u want to carry heavy stones u dig them up, cut them in half, and put each half in the horse cart

wait you kill mosquitos? they are good for yum bonus.

some stones and other heavy objects you cant split in halfs. like when you rebuild a stone wall or floor, you do all the lifting.

the fertility and birth control are solved in 2 different ways altho they could all be potions.

so my idea is to get any possible bevarage like soup, tea and potions in one mechanic. so it would be easier for the devs to add stuff.

it dosent matter which 5 things you put in the pot, you always will end up with soup, tea or potion. some are more tasty and some are not. And some might have some effect.

a potion of healing could make a longer periode between getting attacked by a deadly animal and the doctor arriving in the hospital for your treatment of the wound.

thats why i ask what possible effect you see for potions?

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LMAOO when u said they’re good for yum bonus I thought u meant eating them​:sob::sob: took me a min to get it

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Potion of healing would be so easy to add to the game, some nettles a little eucalyptus and bam

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some players use them to get higher yum bonus. because you are hungry after having yellow fever.

but maybe we could roast them for a potion of immunity against mosquitos :grin:

And yes I kill them they’re hella annoying, but I only kill the ones close to my base anything further can stay