Preset body language

So personally I dont really mind (in fact like😂) the more ridiculous forms of body language but it might not be acceptable for different age groups.

It might be a good idea if you could choose 5 expressions out of some kind of catalog of gestures so we dont need to have more… colorful images on screen.

Maybe private servers can have an option to keep custom gestures but public could get a little wild.

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I don’t agree. As I am for keeping the peace, and things suitable for all ages. I don’t see any harm in having options for gestures, especially since they already same to be limited to a degree. Yet I am only speaking from a perspective of someone who enjoys self expression.

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Younger age groups are probably best not playing the game already, considering the nudity and other factors.

All I’m saying is it’s not the best look :joy:

Not for public at least

Private server you could make it worse if you wanted tho :joy:

Nothing bad had been on US And I’ve just been doing some magic tricks for the kids


Hi, I was your mom lol

I haven’t seen anything bad yet while playing. But maybe changing the settings so players can’t use some words with puppets just like players can’t name kids some things would be nice.


People could easily bypass the filter.

Honestly I havent seen anything out of control like the screenshot yet. After all that screenshot was taken by the person doing the action ._.

A filter would work nice.


I am offended you would think I would have such low standards and terrible posture. Preposterous!!


I know it wasnt you but SOMEONE (idk who) took that screenshot but if dare put your dukes up im afraid you left me no other choice!


Noice xD i made one called Dance cause I was testing if and tried it in private server it works great and can be used for players to communicate with others