Priorities – what do i do first?

should I make a fire or farm first?


Fire first.

This always kills me. I start as an eve, pop out a kid, and they immediately begin making a farm.

How do they plan to water that farm without a bowl or a water pouch?

Kiln or rabbits before a farm, always settle with enough wild food to keep you alive until you can build a fire to make a needle or a bowl.

Appreciate you


When you get better at the game you realise that food nearby isn’t so important. There is a tone of stuff to do starting as an eve and often just finding a patch of water near some soil and trees is all you need - and I look more for there being rabbits right near you as rabbit/carrot pies are pretty well the all round op food (portable, multi serve, and huge portions) and making bags/clothes easily will decrease food costs significantly - if you can clothe your entire family it is amazing

I’ll simply go on mini errand runs when I’m hungry and eat on the way - ie getting clay or rope, rabbits or carrot seeds. If there isn’t natural food around I won’t really look after kids until I have a bowl ready. I treat that one berry bush nearby as emergency food only.

Also you tend to batch things together for efficiency too. I generally will have 2 kilns and a dozen clay pieces ready before making my first bowl so I have plenty of bowls for forging as well as plates for omelettes which will fill you food bar in one hit and are super quick/easy to make with lighting my first fire. I’ll have a rabbit handy and a clay nozzle to get them done too. I’ll always make charcoal whenever I light the kiln.

Farms themselves take all of a minute to setup plant and water once you have all the items ready

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It just boggles my mind that people forget that foraging is still a thing when there’s a famine. Like, remember where all the nearby food sources are located and watch the hunger meter…

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After some thinking,I think you should work with what you have,if you’re near a savannah,look for rabbits for food and clothes,wheat for adobe and if you’re near a swamp,search for reeds for adobe,water for farming.
Is that a good strategy?

I guess that’s a good strategy except for the fact that you need a little bit of all of it. If your area has lots of food, don’t immediately make it your home. If you have to, eat there until you are full and look for an area that has some food, some water, reeds, and clay nearby, and maybe rabbits or carrot seeds. For new players I recommend trying to make rabbit fur water pouches as opposed to making bowls first. And if you don’t have a purpose for it yet, don’t make the fire. It burns time and wood very fast so you can wait until you need to cook rabbits or the kiln to actually start the fire. Make the tinder and fire bow drill first

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Actually,don’t I have to make a fire first? If I want to make a farm without rabbits,I need bowls which need a fired kiln,which needs a fire,isn’t that righ?

If you don’t have clay, adobe, and kiln, you’d have to keep tending the fire until you build them, which is a waste of materials.

What I like to do after finding an area with alot of rabbits/goose berries is get to working on a backpack asap. After that I create a adobe kiln and oven w/ 16 clay (3 trips with backpack and basket instead of 7) and start forming 12 plates and 4 bowls for pie making. If im lucky enough to get born into family with an adobe kiln and fire making tools already I can usually get 12 rabbit + carrot pies (I forage the carrots). That’s more than enough to last an unclothed person their whole life and then some. Sadly my family has always died at that point and I’m too old to do anything else.