Private family

Hey forum,

I really like this game, after this weekend event i was thinking it would be awesome if there would be private familys like clans.

I think we can exually make empires and get a reall economie. Maybe with a family spawn spot. Like build a temple or somthing.

I would love to build my own house in a town and get a job or be a bakker or somthing or a policeman use gold as money go to war with other towns, im drifting off.

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@Joey9981 welcome to the game. Ya it takes awhile to build those. The best way to get those towns is work on building up little towns.

When I spawn as an eve I always explore the closest biomes first looking for human “markings”. Sharp stones, anything harvested or cut, that sort of thing.

I’ve been in alot of towns that I had been in previously or found good little towns. Eventually we can make a bell and people will be able to have their compas point there from anywhere. Though it takes awhile for that.

US 1 is a new server so we still need to build it up.

I undersatand but, i do t think for a game were u dont get a reall reward for ur efforts it will never work if there is no reall power or hierarchy. Also its much to easy to destroy a civilization. Would be nice to have a password lock or save walls

It takes time but it does build up slowly.

The day we have economy and individual houses I’ll cry. promise


Why hehe

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Because it will be incredible

@BlueBird I’ve seen multiple houses on beginner a couple times

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Are you sure they were 100% houses? With a backyard, medkit room and kitchen? With people in it?

@BlueBird, ok fine, cottages. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wrote a post about how we could do houses more easily by just having one big social community building instead. The post was called Social Planning. It might be more fun anyways since you can hang out with your life friends. Always keep track of your friends each life! They’re one of the best parts. I still remember me old friend Stephanie and how we annoyed the youngsters that one time : ).


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