Private server/group option

Wouldnt it be great if you had the option to play on a “private server” with your friends, or play online in a group function so that you can spawn together?
You could choose to build little solo villages and connect with roads, split in 2 teams against eachother for roleplay or team up and build an megacity!
-There would be more balance between creativity and functuality. Now it’s moslty based on being a functual town and when i play i often feel like an work ant or a number, my work often dont get noticed, appreciated or even destroyed.
-It prevents alot of killing because you have a connection with your family. No more baby’s/players that afk, grief or waste materials on bow,arrow and knife for “protection”.
Maybe addin options like makin a map out of multiple papernotes or multiple markers beside you’re homemarker, like litlle colored dots in the edge of the screen in the direction it’s located.
That’s all my brain came up with for now…
Feel free to comment your ideas or opinion i would love to here them!!


Private servers are being discussed in multiple threads already, so please don’t create even more threads about the same topic. Add to the existing threads instead, thanks.