Problem big hard rock

So i was making some walls. I had to collect some rocks for it, which where far away. I grabbed a horse and cart and colected the rocks, but they didnt go in the cart. Same with the hand cart. Can whe add that whe can put 1 rock in a cart?

It should slow down the horse then.

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I suggest cutting the rock into half first before putting it into the cart . The way you can have 4 half rock ( 2 big rock ) in the cart.


Oh realy? Wow ty, that would speed up the procces, if you have a backpack at leats…

I did it before and this is a note from
Note: Dug Big Rock can only be picked up by 14+ year old characters and cannot be placed in a cart .As it is slow to move in its whole form (25% of walking speed), it is more efficient to process it into its split form, in which four halves can be placed in a cart. The two split halves can then be re-united .
Just cut it into half first with chisel . And put all two half stone into the cart . Good luck.

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Heres the routine i use. Always make your floor first. This prevents other players from taking up your build space with farms or random other things. Very anoying when you get half way done and find everything is messed up around it. Then take a shovel and go into a biome that is next to your town and start digging up rocks.
(Try to leave a big stone somewhere in the town that not many players visit so the someone can ocasionaly sharpen a stone. If a town lasts long enoigh you will quickly realise that all the round stones and sharp stones go missing quickly.)
If you had a backpack split the rocks with the tools you brought if not After youve dug up the stones bring the shovel home and come back with a basket that has all the tools this is easiest if you have an apron since you just put the mallet in your pocket grab the chisel then go to the next one. After that grab your horse cart. Or a normal cart if you dont have a horse yet… You really should though if your to the point that your building imo building a sheep pen should be the most important step after a shovel and fro are made.

After you bring them home place them around the perimeter make sure both rocks go to gether before you try to make stone ruble other wise you will make blocks instead.


Good, i hope i wil finish it soon.

You need to break the rock into two then you can put it on the cart. You also can combine the two pieces back together again if you are planning to makes wall from it.