Problem picking up food during game

So today was the second time I had the problem (as an adult and casually during the game) that I could not pick up food - all of a sudden. I noticed the first and second time I was nurturing my baby and then wanted to feed myself but couldn’t. I solved the problem by picking up something different and then after that I could pick up food again… Just wanted to mention that.

Are you sure you didnt have something small in your hand? Rabbit bones, corn kernel, gooseberry seeds? Sometimes they are hard to notice, and prevents you from doing anything.

If something like this happens again, try to “drop” something on the floor. See if your hand was actually not empty.

I am 100 Percent sure I didn’t had something else in my hands…

I have had this problem once or twice as well. It isn’t the picking up that doesn’t work it’s the swiping to consume.

The likely explanation is lag. If the communication between your device and the server is delayed, you will be unable to change the game state until it’s flowing again. This includes picking/dropping things and using things. The only thing you can do is move your character. Movement will update on the server once communication is flowing again.

If you suspect lag, try picking any pickable object from the ground. If that doesn’t work, your connection to the server is lagging.

The only thing you can do against lag is to make sure your internet connection is as stable as possible.

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Ah okay, that makes most sense. Thanks for the reply.