Problem with installing

Hi! ± two years ago I bought your game on Android, played with enthusiasm, but eventually deleted it because of the very small online servers. Recently, I wanted to return to your small and sweet world of life and death to see either the decomposing corpse of my most beloved Android game, or its revival. But I discovered a terrible injustice. The app completely refuses to download from Google Play. After clicking the “Upload” button, the download seems to start for a second, giving a ghostly hope. But after that, everything returns to its previous state and repeats in a circle. I would compare this problem to a bad gambler mother who feeds you for the first minute and then throws a boar for lunch. I tried all the solutions to the problem presented by Google Play, but nothing helped. I found a link to this site in the reviews, and now you are reading this message, and I am waiting for a response P.s. I am writing using Google Translator, I hope that the meaning is not distorted

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oh so weird you can’t download the app anymore. @Christoffer @EmberWolf does someone of you know, what to do in this case?


Sad to hear that. See if you can download it through this link:

If not, you need support from either Google Play or the manufacturer of your phone.
Downloads and installs are handled outside of the control of us lowly game developers, I’m afraid :wink:


This sounds like it might be an issue with your phone. Try restarting, clearing cache, maybe discussing from wifi? Update Google Play? I did the same thing, downloaded the app onto my new phone after being gone for almost a year. I, personally, didn’t have any issues.

Could it be that you don’t have enough space on your phone? Does your phone have the latest update?

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