Question About banishments

how to tell how many banishments you have? Also how long do they take to go away?

If you click on any characters, it will tell you how long you or the other player have been to donkey town.

B1 = 30 minutes in Donkey Town
B2 = 1h in Donkey Town
B3 = 2h in Donkey Town
B4 = 4h in Donkey Town
B5 = max. 5h in Donkey Town

Everything above B5 will get 5h.

This is actual gameplay not real life time. You can’t wait 5 hours and it’s done. You have to play in donkey town to get back into the regular eve spawn again.

If you get to donkey town a notification will appear and let you know you got banished by other players.

After reuniting with other Players your B-Status will be shown and slowly go back to non B-Status. B3 -> B2 -> B1 -> non B Status. You have to prove yourself to be a good citizen.

If 3 players banish you, you get B1.
5 players for B2.
and so on.


Ok i’ve had only 1 banish before i think and it was for no reason lol thank you for helping

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