Question about cursing Nameless

Say, there’s a lot of Nameless players in one village. One of them is griever. When we curse them, does the other Nameless also being curse?

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I don’t think so.

Our cursing/banishment system is different from the PC version’s. In PC version, you have to type the name of the person you want to curse. That’s why in PC people encourage to name your babies. Imagine a town in PC version, where a nameless man is griefing. In the other hand a nameless woman is working hard at the bakery to provide food. Someone curses the man, but since they’re both nameless, the system will give a curse point to the oldest nameless user in the village (I think it works like that). What if the nameless woman was older than the man? She would get the curse point. That’s a scene of what could happen in PC version. In the mobile version cursing nameless people will simply give a curse point to the person you tapped on to curse.