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My first and only question is will this app be open-source as well(I want a modded 2hol version for this I’ll be able to make it if it is open-source)? Other people can just ask their technical questions in the comments of this post.

Thanks for putting your question in the forum.

No, we don’t currently have any plans to open-source the app. There may be other ways to make mods available though. In fact, we intend to run a few mod servers in addition to the normal ones.

Note that the original game is also not open-source (licensed), but public domain (unlicensed). Legally those two are quite different from each other, but they often get mixed up.

What are the things you like about 2hol, vs the standard game? Are you acquainted with Sammoh?

Yes I’m quite familiar with 2hol and sammoh. I couldn’t afford the original game. I guess I’ll have to compile my own game version. I don’t want a new server but connect to the existing 2hol server. Thanks for the reply though.

Ok so will my app get infringement if I make a 2hol android game and release that on play store for free?

That depends if you take Jason’s public domain and port it to mobile yourself, and make the modifications, or if you take Christoffer and Jincheng’s game (already ported) which isn’t public domain, and make the modifications and release it as your own game

Will they be able to tell the difference? Even though I know how I made the app they can still pretty much flag me for grievance right? Since both games are pretty much exactly same with code difference?

I know this question wasnt directed towards me but the only things i enjoy about 2h1L is the no pvp option. Other then that i think a mobile version should be a short lifespan perhaps since most pubg matchs last 30mins and that’s a long time in my opinion. I dont really enjoy the extra items for 2h1L but everyones a critic like i always say.

You might not be one to enjoy 2hol but the community there wishes it has a mobile cross compatibility. PvP is being implemented in 2hol. Also why are you comparing match length to a game like pubg which is completely different concept. I hope I could open up your mind a bit.

A developer can recognise their own coding, think of it like digital handwriting… not to mention the fact that you’d be ripping of someone’s work that they’ve spent months developing, and labelling it your own, which is just morally wrong…
Then when you get into the legality of it, I don’t know whether it would be fraud, plagiarism? Both? Either way you’d get into a lot of legal trouble and by posting your intentions, you’ve revealed yourself, and therefor lost the element of secrecy

If you were to port the game to mobile using a Jason’s public domain yourself, and then compare your code to Jinchengs code, yes you would definitely be able to tell the difference, however if you were to take Jinchengs code and modify it to become 2HOL, then the code would instantly be recognisable as Jinchengs base code, you’d basically have to take it all apart and rewrite it for it to be unrecognisable, and by that point it would have been easier to port it yourself…

Just saying

I have no intention of plagiarizing I just want to have my 2hol experience on the go. I’ll remake the code but I’m just being cautious. The code might look similar and the game will definitely be similar because it’s the same game with a mod. I want no trouble from Google so I’m asking the question. If you think I posted it stupidly that I’m going to copy code then you are wrong. I just hoped the code would be in open domain just like ohol so it would become easier for us to make the mobile app as well. But oh well. In programming only the programmer knows his work. Others who might have legalised the linceses and stuff might not find this difference and might just put my app to drain which is what I want to avoid.

I am asking for developers consent. If he is ok with me making a thol android app. And make it free

What kind of mods arw we talking about?

Look up 2hol you’ll know

I don’t know why I’m having to explain this to you again, but here I go, you don’t need Jason’s permission to develop a 2HOL mobile app IF you use his public domain and port it to mobile yourself…

But that’s not what you want to do… you can’t be bothered for all the hard work so you want to take Jinchengs code and modify it, who is the developer you’re waiting for permission from…
I hate to break it to you (again) you won’t get that permission… what makes you think that they’ll just hand over months of their hard work, for you to modify and call your own?

I REALLY don’t want to have to repeat myself again, so let me make it extremely clear…
The ONLY way you’re making a 2HOL game for mobile is if you take Jason’s public domain and port it to mobile yourself, and make the mods, yourself

Then there is no argument here. Based on legal action between developers in the past my concern was related to the similar appearance of the games because they share a codebase with OHOL. I am not requesting your code. I am only asking for your assurance that you will not be taking action against other mobile ports of the game. I know that seems like an extreme preoccupation but I am a curious and direct person who is still improving their English every day. I am sorry if I was misunderstood, and I hope this clears things up.

@maruthikasyapaditya Your first question in this topic was to the point and of common interest, but now
I think you may be asking the wrong question, and it’s not leading anywhere. Let’s turn it around:

As I understand it, you want to make a derivative work, using building blocks from several places: The original OHOL, 2HOL and OHOL for Mobile. It seems to me that the decent thing to do then is to contact all three sources, explain your plans and ask if there are any concerns or pain points. This is what we did before we started development of OHOLm. We also kept Jason up to date and checked in with him when we had any decisions to make which we felt he might have an opinion on. As it turned out Jason had some strong views on messaging, and we tried to accommodate those. This is not about legal stuff, but about common decency really. Also, I have to say that the decent thing to do first if you want to make use of someone’s work, is to pay them for a license. Surely Jason is worth $20 for making the original game, is he not? Again, not because you have to, but because it’s the decent thing to start with.

On top of this, you talk about distributing on Google PlayStore. Then you will have to adhere to Google’s policies. Again, that’s going to be between you and Google, not us. You have to make your own assessment on whether your work is original enough or too derivative to fit their policy. If you just want to share a game of 2HOL with a couple of friends, then you can just send the friends the apk instead of distributing through PlayStore.

So my advice: start by thinking long and hard about what you want to achieve here. When you know, start by reaching out to those who might be affected, economically or emotionally. Just send an email and you’ll probably get a response. Don’t do it through forums (it’s not professional, for want of a better word).

Note: it appears from your answer to KyeReece that you have assumed that he is part of Dual Decade, which is incorrect. He’s an active member of the forum and the beta testing (which we are grateful for).

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Alright then I’ll pm you. And just to clarify I’m putting this here. I have no intention of ripping off anything. I’m just concerned by previous cases I have known that if an app looks to have exact same functionality or same look it is generally considered a rip-off. My whole point of the long forum conversation was to ensure the suggestion you made of asking the concerned pain points. I respect Jason and would really pay him atleast 20 dollars as you said. But my situation right now doesn’t support it(I don’t want to go in depth but I’m a broke student). Saying this for the last time for extra clarification, I want to develop the game from scratch using Jason’s code as inspiration. Thank you for your reply and sorry if I seemed offensive, violent, poor in vocabulary/English.