Rabbit-skin glue for art canvas

So an art canvas is basically a frame with some cloth on it hardened by glue.

So for making glue you need rabbit skin. The recipe could be: put a rabbit fur on a flat rock. use a knife on the fur to get rid of the hairs. now you have rabbit skin. use the knife for cutting small pieces of skin. now use a bowl on the skin. add water to the bowl. heat it up on fire. now you have glue. use the glue on the cloth on the frame. now you have a canvas.


now add any color to the canvas and you will get some art. with each color you get a different image. you can hang the frame on a wall.


I know in the other 2hol they just boil pig bones for glue but idk if the dev can use their ideas anymore someone said they had to stop awhile ago


I think you should be able to paint letters on it using the wooden letters. Then you can trace them, you could also use a charcoal pen on the canvas to choose what design you want