Race for the world (weekly event sugestion)

Theres two teams Team peace and team apopcalypse.

The server world would be split in half like the race for the apocalypse event.


  1. On team peace side there would be villages that they would have to bring peace lillys to.
  2. On team apopcalypse side it would be the same as the other event but with a twist.

The twist:

  1. Bear caves will be spread throughout the path of the team peace path when team apopcalypse rings the bell to remove the wall all of the caves release a bear.
  2. When team peace compleates a peace lilly in the designated spot the bear caves are blocked for that section. And team apopcalypse is moved to a waiting area for a short time Before moving back to the spawn.

I couldnt think of a punishment for team apocalypse that would be peacfull lol

How many hours do peace lily need to grow full bloom? I never Planted one before.

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They dont take long i dont know about the how long it takes to become the three leafed one but it becomes the one leafed version almost imeaditely. I think. Havnt made it much i admit lol

Because I thought the effort making apocalypse is really hard. Like, we need to collect 4 pieces of gold and craft it to make crown and the other three gold ingot. Not to mention the maze we neet to get throught.

It seems peace team got the advantage since peace lily grow fast

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Oh sorry i meant to mention that team peace would have to go through obstacles to reach the cisterns to plant plant the peace lilly. They would also have to deal with the bears that team apocalypse would release.
Im thinking that there would be a lot of bears released if team apopcalypse reached the bell tower first.

For team apocalypse’s punishment I think it should be something along the lines of when team peace delivers a peace lily the bell wait time is three minutes longer then before example, team apocalypse has to wait only ten more minutes before they can ring the bell again, but then team peace places a lily team apocalypse now has to wait three more minutes then they did before, sorry if it’s confusing

I think i understood what you were trying to say.
That would be perfect but the problem is that in the current apocalypse event the bell is only for breaking the walls and nothing else. I was thinking it would be better if the bells in this sugestion released bears but only once each.

But i do like the idea of each peace lilly making it a little harder for team apocalypse. Maybe when team peace makes the peace lillys it breaks a number of team apopcalypses tools.

But that would tip the balance entirely to be easier for team peace so maybe it would be good if team peace also had to hunt all dangerous animals on their area. Including bears.

Btw this is mearly a suggestion for the developers.

I just realised that since im a moderator for the forums. Some people might mistake my posts as insight into the YAH development plans or something but they’re not. Lol

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