• Rain would make your temperature meter drop (unless you’re inside a building)
  • Falling raindrops would appear on your screen
  • Everything would become a little dark (ovens and kilns would provide light)
  • Rain would quickly put out fires
  • You would be able to make a tarp to cover a fire from rain
  • Cisterns, clay bowls, buckets, wells, (all types with the shallow well filling up the fastest and the newcomen well filling up the slowest) and other items I’ve probably forgotten about would fill up with water during a rainstorm
  • Rain would automatically water seeds and peace lilys
  • If you’re outside and wearing clothes during a rainstorm, your clothes would turn wet, reducing their warmth value for the rest of the rainstorm (and a minute or so after the rainstorm is over)
  • If you’re in a snow biome during a rainstorm, you’ll start to catch hypothermia (a new way to die)
  • I’ll add more ideas for rain over time
  • Feel free to make any suggestions

Poorly made example of rain in YAH:


Oh lol was just about to make a post about rain! Nice post.

I think this ties in to the concept of seasons. We have been toying with these ideas for quite a while. Like in Westeros, the seasons would have to have a duration of many many years though.

It would perhaps be fun to try out a season as a weekend event, to begin with. “Winter is coming…” kind of thing.

No promises, but the idea is good.



Some mechanics for more rain effects on the gameplay if it does get added would be things like turning exposed foods to soggy versions that would then have a 1 hour despawn timer for everything except stews, berries, and raw vegtables.
Things like wool if it gets rained on would have to be dried out before it could be turned into string and clothes.

Maybe food and clothes if put inside a structure won’t get wet?

i still like this idea. is it possible to have different weather per biom? like snow in cold bioms and tropical rain in warm bioms? maybe some wild plants will grow after the rain.


so maybe the weather should be tied to the actual server location. so let’s say it’s rainy in «frankfurt am main» it should be rainy on eu-2.

so players can plant some seeds in tilled rows. and when it rains in frankfurt in real life the tilled rows in game gets watered. so player can plan ahead when to plant some plants.

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