Rant about griefers

Yeah, I would have to agree with both of those points @Arfgn.

I just came back to play this game and i have no idea

Its shocking how much work they put into griefing…

Wish there was like owning certain amount of land like minecraft and give permission to certain ppl and when they’re inactive the ownership disappears

They’ll do anything to have some fun by ruining the experience of others. They don’t care.

One Hour One Life has something similar to that.

Griefers could abuse land ownership by claiming everything though, not to mention that it restricts the freedom in the game. I don’t think it would make sense to be able to magically claim land and prevent others from using it somehow. That is just too easy and it prevents other players from freely playing in the area.

If you somehow cannot protect yourself from griefers with the current systems in place, then maybe you should buy a private server or play a game like Minecraft where you cannot be disturbed.

Yeah, I agree with @WumboJumbo.

There are some griffers who come regularly in the foreign law. They hang chains nearby and come back every time the geographical penalty ends, invade the village and cause pain, so I hope there is a penalty that removes the chain that Griffer has when he is deported.

@Yang-E, what do you mean by “hang chains” or are you referring to the family tree?

If you’re referring to the family tree, then I can imagine that removing the griefer from it would cause certain bugs and glitches with the game getting confused regarding the family generations. Also, what would fill the empty space where the griefer once was?

i think yang-e is talking about the rebirth-marker. so if the griefer got a local ban he also will lose the rebirth marker. so after donkey town the griefer can’t come back that fast.

Sorry i mean rebirth marker.
When i typing this, i cant thinking this word in English :joy::joy:

That was confusing me too. Things are now cleared up.