Rant about griefers

I just found my village with all my sheeps dead and items scattered again…It took me one life to clean up the mess :frowning:

Tbh I’m just getting tired of this game…

Why do developers not include any feature to protect good players? And making us pay more to have private server monthly just means to tolerate trolls…This is just encouraging their behaviors…



hi bluemango

do you have a suggestion how to improve the system against griefers? it’s kinda hard to come up with stuff griefers can’t exploit. if you have a good idea you can share it. :slight_smile:

I feel like ppl always suggest good ideas on the forum but the game rarely gets updated. I don’t think uploading ideas won’t do anything


Oh Misty who likes making tortilla? I’ve met you guys before :smiley: wow walled city would take so much time…glad you guys are having minor griefing


And yes I agree voting system doesn’t work. They would laugh at you and destroy even more as a revenge for voting.

I’ll try to see if I can do walled suggestion


I think I saw it… was it a city that had cubicle rocks around the city?


I agree, a wall is the only way we have found to reduce most griefing. It sucks that we cant have all the tools inside, but it also means we can make bigger projects & not have to worry about it being destroyed. Just depends on ur play style :blush:


The developers have done as much as they can to add features that ward against griefers. They also have to make money somehow, especially with the declining amount of players. I certainly don’t think the developers are purposefully encouraging griefers to continue with their bad behavior.

Personally, I would recommend using the already built-in solutions to defend against griefers (banishment, ID system, etc). Many houses and villages have walls around the premises, along with the townspeople carrying weapons and a strict entry process.

Griefing hopefully will not be as big of a problem in the game that is supposed to supersede You Are Hope. :slight_smile:

You can see the griefer ID and banish them by holding down on the griefed item. If you banish the griefer they can no longer be born to you, or you to them for awhile. If you get 5 player votes against them you can haven them region banned for 30 days.

If you still have any item left with the griefer’s ID I would be happy to help vote on it.


We are currently working on a big mining update which is taking some time (We want to give the best mining experience :wink::pick:) . However the radio problem has been on my mind and I will try my best to get something added to protect radios :lock: and move radio bases after the mining update.

Unfortunately we can’t stop all griefers but I do wish to encourage people to join the discord and help each other ban griefers. Not only does this help the person who got griefed But it also will help anyone that voted to not get the griefer as a baby for awhile. Meaning their town will be more protected too.


Omg I love that feature. Thanks so much!

It wouldve been great if I read this before :frowning:
I moved the sheep meat to my boxes

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And we got discord o.o?!
Would love to join

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@Bluemango here is the link to the official discord: https://discord.gg/HJe3qk6

if you need players to come to your town and curse a griefer ID let us know.

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Personally i think the cooldown for each banishment should be shorter!

I’ve seen griefers work in groups - one griefer baits everyone’s banishment, subsequently when their friends continue the griefing, nothing can be done because everyone has used up their hourly banishment.

It’s really annoying and i think a very off putting, discouraging new players from enjoying the game

I think that could backfire and be abused maliciously by griefers to bully innocent people.

Get a group of friends or people on Discord to banish the group of griefers. You should be able to find enough people to banish them.

Yeah, I would have to agree with both of those points @Arfgn.

I just came back to play this game and i have no idea

Its shocking how much work they put into griefing…

Wish there was like owning certain amount of land like minecraft and give permission to certain ppl and when they’re inactive the ownership disappears

They’ll do anything to have some fun by ruining the experience of others. They don’t care.

One Hour One Life has something similar to that.

Griefers could abuse land ownership by claiming everything though, not to mention that it restricts the freedom in the game. I don’t think it would make sense to be able to magically claim land and prevent others from using it somehow. That is just too easy and it prevents other players from freely playing in the area.

If you somehow cannot protect yourself from griefers with the current systems in place, then maybe you should buy a private server or play a game like Minecraft where you cannot be disturbed.

Yeah, I agree with @WumboJumbo.