Rebirth problem

Can we PLEASE always spawn as eve if we rebirth and died at old age. I was born as a kid to some girl and I asked if she could bring me home and she starved me because I was making her “uncomfortable” I was one. “Oh but you can get people to bu-“ not always. You have to beg and some people just don’t want to. I don’t want to have to depend on someone all the time to go home.

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i like both options. but both options have their up and down sides.

Respawn by living to 60
PRO: Easy concept to teach and understand. Living till 60 and get a respawn.
CON: Munching food and not contributing to anything in your last minutes. You can’t die before 60. Gets a bit boring, if done over month.

Respawn by burial
PRO: Only live for a minimum of 10min. Once you have your respawn it’s easier to keep them.
CON: Harder to understand, to do and to communicate. Also hard to teach in game because someone has to be dead for it. Resources are needed for a burial: stakes, digging tool, basket or shovel, flat rock. The respawn only gets triggered with a flat rock.

my suggestion is to have both options at any time.

The other point you are making is: always spawn as eve instead of kid. i like spawning as both. so it would be sad, if only eves would live at your place. like if an eve would be at your place, you would spawn as eve too.

But if you spawn as an eve you can always have kids and don’t have to worry about being starved to death, I don’t really understand why you’d want to be born as a kid at your own place

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it’s one of the cooperation feature, which i like. you bond with an other player.

not every multiplayer allows co-op. shooters for example are multiplayer for combat. co-op was one of the reason for me to buy YaH. its quite unique spawning as baby to someone else.

but i feel your frustration. dying because of someone else isnt fun.


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