Rebirth, Rekindling, and the Importance of Helping Others / 転生、復興と助け合いの大切さ

This is not a solution that can be solved by purchasing a private server from the beginning to the end. I have a ten-person private service, but it’s still like a single-player game. We don’t reject other players, we want more people to appear as neighbors. Everyone has different attitudes towards games. Many of my friends are not accustomed to putting their tools in random places, and some kind children often don’t care about this, so that their mothers can’t find the tools when they need them.

Thats true for now but the servers will most likely be reset after all of the rekindeling and various other content gets implemented.

Also there are ways to make it impossible for a griefer to unlock a door from the outside and to spawn into a city as long as they dont accidently spawn inside randomly as an eve.

As for the bell towers. If you build a bell tower in a city then its like inviting trouble apon yourself. It will be even more so once the family point system is implemented because the only players who wont be able to be born in your family would be griefers who were banished or players whos bodys despawned someway. (Such as their bones were lost behind a tree and became so ancient they despawned)

I am very clear about my attitude. We all welcome more neighbours to the neighborhood. We are also very willing to help you build a beautiful home. But everyone has different attitudes towards their children. Some Eves like to be lively, family members work together, and some Eves like to live alone and dislike the messy home. We will not interfere, but we are willing to help.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It seems you misunderstood something kiki. I was replying to kvo since he was asking about being able to buy a server with unlimited time. Im assuming he meant unlimited days with just one purchase.

I wasnt implying that people need to buy private servers or anything like that.

I think with the FP system we should have a larger eve spiral since the idea of a “dead town” might not be valid. Or we can have some time constraint about a town categorized as “dead”.

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OH!!!I’m really sorry! I misunderstood you. I apologize for my recklessness.

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I think solo players who play this game for a long time than people who raise babies. Many newbie always choose beginner server when they touch this game in prior period. Have you thinked why many newbies know how to play this game, they also become a solo eve or only play with their friends? By the way, some solo eve want to raise babies, they can go to beginner server. Solo eves do not want to raise babies in higher server except their friends, because they spent lots of time to build a town, however, they still welcome people to come their cities or be a neighber, but they fear griefers to destroy their cities too. Solo eve go to beginner server, they do not worry about that someone will destroy their cities, since they do not focus on beginner server. In my opion, official people should encourage solo players to go to beginner servers, and they can teach newbies how to play this game. If someone want to raise babies, he or she also can chooses beginner servers, because there are no person will be killed.

I think I have a power to choose raising baby or not. Offical people should encourage solo players to go to beginner servers raising babies instead of requiring solo eve raising babies in higher server.

I think we established that Solo Cities are not negatively affected by the new design ideas, correct? I have written more about Solo in a new thread here : About the solo play style which has emerged on some servers
I encourage all solo players to read that thread, for awareness of some aspects you may not have considered.

Aside from solo play, are there any other concerns or ideas about Rebirth, Rekindling and Family Points?
Let’s hear them! :smile:

If we need to make special tombs, can we make shovels not breaking if you dig graves or make a special tool for making tombs that doesn’t break?

I will create a way which doesn’t use or require iron for you.


Thank you, interesting. I wonder what a tomb will be and how it looks.

I don’t think that not burying a corpse is a good way to alleviate griefer, because their purpose is very clear, just to satisfy themselves by destroying other people’s masterpieces. And the act of cutting trees and killing sheep can be accomplished in just a few minutes. It takes less than a generation to make the family suffer from irreparable damage. That’s exactly what they want to see, isn’t it? Even if they don’t bury the corpse, they can’t go back to this family. The goal they want to achieve has been accomplished. In an era when only the juniper can be used to make a fire, a child full of malice cut down the junipers, so that I had to ride a horse for a long time to get the juniper fire.

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In my recent childcare experience, every time I raise a child, the child just wants to sew all the clothes with my needle and thread. I lost my backpack, apron, crown, key in my home. The child did not bring me the joy of raising a child, leaving me with the trees cut down, a sheep pen killed, and withered. The withered currant bushes, scattered tools, were cut into wooden boxes for firewood. So my little suggestion is that if we can better protect the safety of the family builders themselves and the protection of resources, I would be very happy to accept my children!! Unfortunately, I didn’t think of any specific measures, which made me feel sorry.

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Ah there is actually an alternative to juniper in the game already. If you use a knife on a tool handel you get wood shavings or if you make chopsticks you also get wood shavings.
The wood shavings can be used like juniper to start a fire or to make paper.

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I like the ideas for the new updates. With the choice of how to reduce baby suicide, I think the cool down would be better. I think scrolling and choosing your mother gets rid of the randomness that has always been fun for me. I like being born into a completely new family, with new environments and traditions, it makes every life feel like a new adventure. Of course this is just me, if the scrolling feature needs to be implemented, then so be it. I can still make it random by just choosing the first mother that is given to me after all! Truly I think this game has gone in a much better direction than OHOL and I love to pieces. Continue forward!


Maybe you can consider joining this one first.

Forming funeral culture😂