Recipe book

I personally find the recipe book in this game flawed. Say you’re holding a sharp stone then click the recipe book, it will show that you can use the sharp stone on a long straight branch to make a long straight shaft. great. Now, i want to know what the long straight shaft does, so i click it. It goes to the next page and just shows how to make the long straight shaft again… i find it inconvenient how you have to craft an item to know how to use it… why cant you just go page after page? I hope im making sense

Hi Koii,

Thanks for posting your question! This behavior is as designed. When you click on something, the “how to use” information of that something is displayed in the book as you know. And when you click any button in the book, it shows you the “how to make” information. In this way you can back track how to make an object from its root resources. This is how this book menu is supposed to help you. In another word, clicking on an object shows the next level of tech tree around this object and clicking inside the book shows previous levels of tech tree.

We do it this way because we share the same vision as Jason (the original creator of the PC game) has, which is players are encouraged to try (and possibly fail) and explore the world and get better like in real life. If you want to know “what can I do with the long shaft” then create one first and the book will tell you the next step after.

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Is there a way to disable the recipe book? I’m playing on an iPhone SE so it’s easy to misclick and have it take over half the screen. I’m pretty adept at the game so I know all the recipe by heart.

so far there is no way to turn it off