Recycling wood tools

Can we recycle stitch punching and fire bow drills people made like 5 of them and I don’t need so much


The fire bow drills are the fire starters right? Or are you talking about the ones that have the arrow tip on them to make drill a hole for wheels? If its the second one just use a flint on it to take the arrow head off.
If its just the fire bows to start the fires i dont really see it as a bad thing. They do eventually break when starting fires i think.

Most likely im guessing you are storing them all in one area and players (probably noobs) arnt checking for where they are and decide to just make a new one to start a fire.

Id recomend just putting one at every station like the smithy, kitchen, the stay out of everybodys way mommy and baby warm spot, etc. Theyed be less likely to make a new one unless it breaks then.

As for the stich punch i think it can be thrown away in a trash pit or droped on the fire im not sure. I havnt used them but once since they were added.

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You type a lot lmao but yeah the fire bow starters, as for the flint thing that’s also become a problem bc I have arrow heads everywhere, I already have a bunch of arrows which… we can’t stack so making arrows with them is even more of a mess. Fire bows don’t break. And I’m glad for that tbh bc I hate planting milkweed it sucks, however I wish we could turn it into kindling or something bc I have like four. I don’t need them for fires either bc I have a starter

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Yah sorry about typing so much. I think i have a wierd mix of ocd and adhd.

It’s alright, I got it too! Over time you learn to relax and sort of filter things out

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