Refresh of biome and resources

the “unvisited area”, just like what public server hv, when a place is unseen by any players in 7 days, the map will delete. So you ust need to log in to your town in certain days, it will be safe.

i suggest this because in my server, we use up a lot of irons for projects, and we need to go far away for iron, and i can foresee that if the map won’t delete after certain days unseen by players, we will hv to go out for one iron vein by using a whole life one day. (if we keep building long railway tracks, this will happen soon)

But you dont know who visits where at wich time, maybe someone pass a iron mine by accident and then the reset clock would start all over again.
That being said i like how the settings are now,for instance
Lets say i dont have the money to pay the server for 1 month, after i rebuy my server, everything should be still in place, its like you saved your game but if we put a reset clock on it, your game is actually really never saved.
You buy the server and everything stays there you dont loose it, thats the main idea of the private server, then we need to look at our second problem thats iron, but it cant be at the expence of the first one.
We asked so long for private server so we can build something that stays there, and now its like adding a another risk of losing your place.
I see more disadvantage than advantages, thats my final opinion.:heart:
Btw i love your server it looks awesome😘


It only counts to the reset timer when you log in. So if you have 30 days of the server left, and you log in once a week, you only activated 4 days of the countdown. You still have 3 days to go and check on the other towns. The main thing is when you have multiple people that play and only stay in one town, the other towns have a risk of getting lost. I would say 14 days would be nice for the reset.

If we are talking realism in game, every minute is a year then a 2 weeks irl would be 20,160 years in game. I’m sure there would be a good chance things would change in the natural world in that time.

Just keeping it realistic

This is not correct, Jeff. There is no counter, only a time comparison.

I think this is a matter of different people having different needs/wishes. There is not one solution that’s best for everyone. Luckily the private servers have the potential to be built out with some options that the owners could pick and choose from. I think that is the real solution here. It will take some effort to implement, is all.


My suggestion to not break game balance would to be that mines use a mine tunnel kit (ladder buit from straight branches a couple but logs, and a few steel blanks for support) with a pickaxe on a taped mine to expand it and gather new iron (would be good if there was a chance to recieve gold or other rare mineral resources)

As for trees maybe add pinecones etc for trees that would take 3 or 4 hours to grow but would not require water and soil. That way players could regrow deforested areas but not spend 10 hours of their precious time making compost and hoes then trying to water them all twice before they die. I think 3-4 hours (180-240 years) would be plenty of time for new trees to sprout to a harvestable size with out being cared for realistically.
(Often i find that large towns ie ones that reach engine die because various things one example is no nearby trees left for butlogs and firewood)

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I think that this problem needs a quick and easy solution without altering the game too much.
Thats why i recommend to configure the iron mine that it will have a regenaration time.
Instead of collapsing after you tapped the mine it will stay and regenerate, it will take 24 hours to regenerate 5 iron and it can hold max. 10 pieces of iron so you can collect them every other day.
This means if you have big projects that you can do this process with all your nearby mines or even stack up your supply by emptiying them and leaving them on the ground.
I like expanding the tecj tree but in this case its not really necasery YET and it would take much more time to add stuff then to alter them.
I hope this suggestion can keep both sides happy :heart:


I love the private severs and I’m not sure which route you should go whether it be map delete or extend tech tree. Although I really like the idea of more stuff to craft I know it’s a lot of work. For what it’s worth I really enjoy the game great job!

Please have a look at Improvements to Private Servers. Item #4 is intended to address this discussion.

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