Refresh of biome and resources

in public servers, the biome and iron will refresh after 7 days with no one seen that biome. But in private server, it seems that our data is saved at the server, and private server is not running 24hr x 7 days, so the biome and resources seems doesn’t change after 7 days. Because there is a town which we build as a temp base and after three months with no one is playing there, the town is still there. Also, the iron vein didn’t refresh after 14 days, we now hv to go far away to get iron. if we continue to use up the iron, we may need to take a life or more just for getting irons LOL @Christoffer


Yes i am facing the same problem, now im at the stage that i need to go explore with my car to find a minespot, then i need to go back to my town and take a horse because it fits 4 baskets.
@Christoffer any ideas about this because i am running out of iron in the area.
Maybe make it that the mines regenerate 5 iron each day or something


I face the same problem. In my case, I’ve dug up gold and can’t make a new bell tower

will there be any reply from the devs about this? @Christoffer

Yes, please allow for weekend holiday though :wink: (I was doing some stuff with my kids this weekend)

Thanks for bringing this up. It’s an interesting problem.

The thinking behind the current way it works is roughly this:

  • Some resources are renewing over time, like water, branches, etc.
  • Some are renewable through player actions, like milkweed and other plants.
  • Some resources are non-renewable, basically the inorganic ones like rocks, iron, gold, …

The mechanism you refer to is not there for the purpose of renewing resources, but to clear the map. The reason for it is really one of optimization. If we left everything forever on the public servers, they would eventually be overwhelmed of stuff that no-one was playing with. On private servers, the build-up is much slower, so the clean-up can be done much more seldom, allowing you to “keep your data” longer on a private server.

So, how could we improve the game-play experience here?

  • I guess we could lower the time interval for the map clean-up. It would be a bit counter to the idea of non-renewable resources, but maybe it’s preferable anyway? Note that this could “delete” some buildings that you actually would like to keep, if you are not careful to visit them often enough.
  • We could extend content, so it becomes possible to “dig deeper” for things like iron. The deeper you dig, the more work it would be per piece of ore. This would be more realistic, but would also require much more work for us to come up with new objects, etc.
  • Abundance for some types, like iron veins, could be increased. We could make gold appear in multi-use veins as well. non-organic resources would still deplete, but at a slower rate.

Any input on these thoughts? I don’t want to rush a solution and make 50% of players angry :sweat_smile:


I think advancing the tech tree to extract from mines again would be good for balance and keep it more realistic. We tend to burn through resources very quickly due to working in big projects together like making tracks, cars, lakes with shovels and roads.

The pacing is very fast since we rarely ever make eve camps now and we try not to take resources from other player’s areas.

Iron, big rocks, gold, malachite, flat stone, sand and even rocks are getting used up incredibly fast. Not to mention cinnabar and lapis lazuli for our brick art :joy:

Have you thought of building outposts a fair distance away, where you collect resources and then transport some of it back to the “capital” city? It would be like colonizing the map over time.
Maybe combine with an upgraded transport system, so you can send stuff efficiently between towns? Like the railroads today, but faster and/or with several carts forming a train?

Interesting/not interesting?

Solutions that would enhance play on both public and private servers are generally the best choices, though sometimes exceptions may be needed too.

(More opinions, please :grin:)


Would it be possible to have certain resources re spawn over a certain period of time? Things like iron veins, gold, cinnabar, lapis, worm pits, some wild foods like banana trees, even some animals like turkeys and wolves?

In nature banana trees aren’t just used once then become firewood, they continue to produce bananas. Wild turkeys keep hatching more turkeys. Something along the lines of how rabbit dens work and cactus fruits, where we can be sure of a steady but slower harvest.

Some items naturally could be more rare and have a slower re spawn rate than others depending on your viewpoint, such as lapis, cinnabar and gold. Those could spawn in new locations as well versus always spawning in the same spot.

I believe even once a month having these resources renew would ensure the cities we are building would be sustainable. It isn’t so often that it makes the game too easy, yet would prevent us having to abandon them due to lack of resources.

And I love the idea of having trains!!


thanks for replying, I know that’s weekend and I know you always check on forum, that’s why I wait until Monday to ask for a reply again :wink:

in my server case, towns are far apart and connected with roads, u need to ride a horse for 2 to 4 mins to get to another town, so we are not competing in resources.

but still, because of big projects, we used up many iron in different towns. When I finally need to travel by horse for 15 mins for iron in a round trip, I started to think it may use up more and more time on travelling to get iron in the future.

In fact, having trains between towns are great, cause our town are far, it’s hard to get resources from one town to another. But that come with a problem which some obstacles will be on the way we build the train (let’s say the suggested transport is a train), so if a new transport will be added, I would like it to be build not in a straight line.

also, i don’t mind that we need higher tech for tapping a used iron vein again, I think it’s much better than adding more iron vein on the map, because that will affect the game balance in my opinion. (by making it too easy)

I don’t mind to visit the towns often to keep it alive in private server, because something which is not used frequently or even no use like “test town” can be get rid of by abadon them.

also I agree with @FaunaFox that if the iron or gold appear in another place after respwan, that would make it fun to find the iron vein and gold again , and won’t make the game too easy😉


The railroads cant be used for long distance because the track cart doesnt make turns and even then you need a whole lot iron for the tracks, cars are usefull but have to litlle storage space. Horses are the most prefered transportation even above cars…

That being said i like the idea of digging deeper, maybe upgrade iron mines like we do with diesel engine wells that needs fuell to produce a couple iron i stead of a dried out mine.


Rails I think are great if they can make turns. Since we have a road system we mainly use the horse to get it. We tried using the car but the map doesnt load fast enough for the car to be used and keeps getting caught on the loading “biome” a supply train would be great with more carts and it would be awesome if we could ride it there eating a pie :joy:


If there was a rail system I’m sure we would make a large loop to connect the towns. One thing that would worry me on public servers is how easily grifable the tracks are at this moment. Just one adze use and you would have a very expensive machine ruined with a low tech tool. In private server that would be paradise for travel and encourage everyone to visit towns more often.


I prefer longer time interval for renewing the map, since I might not play that often especially during school time. Is it possible to just renew the natural resources and not delete the buildings? Will the solution (whatever that is) be implemented on public server as well?

To avoid misunderstandings, I’d like to be extra careful in choosing words here:
The map cannot be renewed - it can be deleted. When a player comes close to an area that has no map data, the server will create map data for that area (only objects are map data - biomes are assigned through a deterministic math formula). This makes it look like the map was already there (or that it has “renewed”), but that is not the actual case.

On restart of public servers, areas of the map that no player has been close to in the last 7 days, will be deleted. This currently does not happen on private servers, but that could change and it seems that this is what @waiwai is suggesting.

Since a change would affect everyone with a private server, I don’t want to rush it. Please speak up with your opinions.


Getting rid of old map data seems to be a good idea. Would that be 7 days time wise with the server activated or 7 days real time regardless of server being opened?

yup, I think it’s good to hv the map deleted after no players seeing that in 7 days for play with friends server, but for the solo player servers, I think it may hv problem if ppl go for a vacation. Maybe making it to 10 days? or even 14days? it’s still okay for me to wait 14days to get map deleted, if 14days can protect the hard work for some solo servers, I still thinks it will work well in my case.

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It would be the latter, real time, though the number of days wouldn’t have to be the same as on public servers. The check would happen every time the server is activated.


I rather choose expanding the techtree then.
i rather “work” for my iron instead of getting it in this glitchy way, like real life a forest doesnt pop out of the air, we cut trees and replant them to take care of the “server world”


14days sounds reasonable. High tech also seems great.

Does this mean the entire server will be reset every X number of days, or just the “unvisited in X days” areas?

If it’s the latter, that would be great if all respawns are at the home marker. I spend a lot of time running back to camp because I don’t often have a lot of time to play, and I love using the private server when I only have 10 or 20 minutes.

If it’s the whole map, that would be a little disheartening because I like the private servers for the feeling of permanence specifically because I can’t play often.