Refresh time for branches

I have been in a private server and it was set to have a 24x decay time and building& container decay exceptions. However, I just found all of my trees does not give branches anymore. I have been in the server for a day, and not even one tree refreshes its branches. I wonder how long does it take to refresh the branches? Does the decay time or decay exceptions affect that? Please help me. Thx!

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Hello, I don’t know if this affects the trees as well but maybe you could try to set the decay time to normal until the branches are back if you need them fast and then set the time back to the old setting? Maybe this would be a temporary solution until the developers have time to look into it. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Setting back to normal does bring back all the branches! Hope developers can see this and provide a solution.

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Your welcome! That’s good that it worked. :slight_smile: I think they will see it, but to make sure you could send an email to the support. Christoffer is on vacation right now, he won’t be able to read in the forum for a while but the team should be there.

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I still get branches on 24x before just takes about a day from what I remember. But I stopped using 24x after awhile.