Release 1.8.2 will be available later this week

This will be a small update, followed by a larger one next week.
The news:

  • Removed Christmas theme

  • A new look for the main screen

  • Fixed bug with Eve positions

  • クリスマスイベントを撤去

  • メインスクリーンを新装

  • イブの位置のバグを修正


What will the bigger update be

Eve old age respawn fixed??

It’s this one, yes:


The roll-out has started. Coming soon to an appstore near you…



You should add a larger zoom, to zoom out further please

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  • A new look for the main screen

What are the conditions to respwan near the last home marker after dying of old age as an eve?

Will i be able to turn off the game for a few hours and come back to my last settlement?

It looks like you don’t respawn according to your home marker but rather where you last died now. I’ve spawned back to the same spot 12 times now and I’ve always spawned next to where I died.

Hm the first time i tryed it worked, for the first time for me, i was so happy haha, but today i was recordind my game, died of old age and stoped playing for a few hours and when i logged in again i couldnt go back :frowning: so maybe you have like a time limit to do it, or you cant leave the game or its based on how many ppl are currently in the server? Can you tell us?

As far as I’ve seen it has worked each time I was an eve. The 60 year old respawn only works if you were an eve in the first place.

Humn yes, i know, i played more a couple of games and its working, i cant say the same for my phone battery, only that time it didnt worked but like i said i closed the app and just came back to the game like 3 or 4 hours later

Where did you spawn? Was it the tutorial by chance?

Well no…it was in the middle of nowhere but, i did it again, played a bit yesterday and managed to go back to my village after 12h more or less, i started thinking that maybe i did something wrong the first time or that maybe i actually respawn near but not exactly where i had died and then thought it was a different place idk