Release 2.6.0, What's New? / バージョン2.6.0とは?

5 new player characters to enjoy

Owners of private servers now have more control over the game on their servers, and can even play some of our Events on them when they feel like it. Read more here:

We have received more user feedback and bug reports than usual, so there are more fixes than usual too. Please continue to send feedback! As you can see, it makes a difference:

  1. Fixed display problem for iPhone11
  2. Removed some “Category” objects from the hint book
  3. Fixed the “freezing cow” problem
  4. Fixed “Goose can delete tree stump” issue
  5. Fixed issue with fishing rod being impossible to remove
  6. Fixed “turn bowl into iron” bug
  7. Now you can’t use shovel on cake anymore
  8. Now you can’t turn palm kernels into raspberries anymore
  9. And some more…

There is a new “surprise technology” in this release. Similar to the magic shoes in 2.5.0, we will leave it for you to find out what it is and how to use it. Have fun!

// The team




  1. iPhone11の表示不具合の修正
  2. ヒントブックに出ていた「カテゴリー」という表示を削除
  3. 「固まる牛」のバグを修正
  4. 「家畜のガンが切り株を消す」バグを修正
  5. 釣り竿を動かせなくなるバグを修正
  6. 「ボウルを鉄に変える」バグを修正
  7. もうショベルでケーキは切れません
  8. もうヤシの種をキイチゴに変えることはできません
  9. その他数点…




Nice! I like the update.

For the iPhone 11 Pro or just the regular iPhone 11? Also, what exactly were the display problems?

From what girls get pink pigment for hair? :smiley:

When it gonna be released?

That’s my mother’s natural hair color when she was young!
(Well, actually, it’s a cartoon version of her natural reddish hair color, so there is some artistic freedom involved :rofl:)




Why palm Olein can’t be put into a container? I remember it could be done before or am I imagining this?

That must be the secret! :smile: