Remove gooseberry bush?

Is there a way to remove the gooseberry bushes? Im assuming no since they are used alot for pen corners. Just thought I would ask because I had a kid who planted 20 of them.

There is… but it is timed! You have to put stakes around them by swiping on the bush, then water it and within seconds dig the bush out with a shovel. It is easier when you have some help. Also, you cannot use a dug gooseberry bush for anything but kindling - it can not be replanted! You gonna wanna protect your natural gooseberry bushes.


Thanks! That helps.


I had the same issue once (In my opinion, domestic gooseberry bushes are not worth the soil and water you have to expend on them!!). So be ready, the timing is quite difficult. Make sure you’re playing when the server has a nice brief delay!

Start by putting stakes on the bush you want to remove. Put a shovel right next to it, and have a bucket of water nearby. Stand on the space with the shovel while holding your bowl of water. Then dump the water on the bush, immediately grab the shovel, and swipe to dig out the wet bush. FAST. The bucket of water nearby helps you try multiple times in a row, to get into the groove and be as fast as possible.

Good luck!!!

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I got it done! Thanks


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